rust penetrant testing

Started by Rickf1985, June 13, 2018, 08:55 PM

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TJ, I think you are going to be a bit disappointed in these tests. I know you love your Nforce but look at part two of these tests and he tests it and it comes in last! I am going to be buying some Liquid Wrench for my M37 project!

Part one

Part two


Depending on what and where the spot is I need to work on. It's either Liquid Wrench or Tranny fluid with Acetone.


Yep! Love my Nforce but I'm always open to something new that works. Always willing to give new stuff a try.


Well, I have had the opportunity to use the liquid wrench and I have to say I am not impressed. Certainly not as impressive as those tests show. Back to the Kroil!


His control results are really similar to his penetrating oil results.  I would have expected to see more of a decrease in torque from the oils. 

Maybe due to the way he corroded the bolts. He doesn't say how he does it but they don't look corroded enough to let the penetrating oils really show a difference between each other and the control.

Kroil is awesome stuff.