reinstalling fuel tank after removing and cleaning

Started by djlgnd, June 06, 2018, 11:59 PM

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I am not up on the John Deere and Ford but I am sure they work the same as the GM, There should be a regulator somewhere between the tank and the front of the unit, probably closer to the tank. Possible this is bad.Take the gas line off somewhere close to the back where you can get to it and put it in a can and have someone turn the key on, it should run the pump for a couple seconds. If not try cranking it and see if that gets you gas. If you are under there you should clearly hear the pump if it comes on. If it runs and you get no gas then either there is a kink in the line, regulator is jammed shut or the line in the tank came off. One thing you can try if none of the above works is take the line off as mentioned above and put a little bit if air pressure in the tank through the filler and see if it forces any gas through the line. Might help if someone was at the line because if you are getting air out of it then either there is not enough gas in the tank or the line fell off. Be VERY careful with the pressure in the tank, No more than 2-3 lbs.. Hold a rag over the filler with your blow gun in there and real short bursts.


ok??? so tank is up, new starter installed!!! yup another issue was thrown in my face ,NO BIGGY, but the unit will not start, got about 20 gallons in the tank, how do i check if pump is pumping?? i heard the pump working b 4 i raised the tank up. is there something that i am missing??? frustrated to no end. is there a second fuel pump? new fuel filter!! is on damn gonna get a stick of c4 and end it's life!!!!!


Not a lot of places carry the large diameter fuel filler neck hose, but my local NAPA did. I figured it was worth the 24 bucks to replace the foot of hose to make sure there is a tight new elastic seal around all the hoses.


Thanks for the help, i did something a lot different. I moved the filler and vent lines back 8 inches. this allows for a straight line from the filler neck. Cut a new hole in frame, again making this a straight run to the vent and filler nipples on the tank. I welded a inner and outer cover plate to the old hole in frame to reinforce frame. Was a very long process but now i have a six in. rubber hose between the filler neck and tank for both vent and fuel.  :)clap


I can't help with your exact situation but my GM P30 is similar in that the hoses are wedged between the frame and the body and the tank has to be almost all the way up to get the hoses on. I feed the hoses in from the side and the tank in on an angle and then have to work in very tight quarters to get the hoses on the tank. Some Permatex #3 sealant in the end of the hose acts as a lubricant and also a sealant to make getting the hose on easier.  BE SURE TO PUT THE CLAMP ON FIRST!!!!!! I had to take the dang hose back off when I realized I had forgotten the clamp. Once the hoses are on the tank then you can wiggle and pull the hose while lifting the tank. This is much easier with two people. You will find that fill hose is pretty expensive but do NOT cheat and use radiator hose or you will be doing this job again in a year. Radiator hose will melt rather quickly in gasoline.


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Have a huge square fuel tank under my 1989 Elandan, problem is i have to reinstall the unit as i had to flush and reseal the inside of it. to do so had to completely remove it. Now triing to reinstall the unit. problem is the fuel filler and vent hoses travel through the frame, with the grey and black water tanks on the other side of frame.have about a quarter inch between the tank edge and frame,the hoses do not come through the frame.

Do i buy some regular gas hose and cut it a bit longer or do i drop tanks and hope to reach the hoses. dropping tanks means pulling down the very dry and old plumbing as well as there is a line that travels around the tank section of frame to the opposite side of the m/h.been trying to put back into place for 3 days getting dirty sweaty and frustrated.