Author Topic: Why is my display name the same as it was on MSN even though I changed it?  (Read 353 times)

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On the homepage, where it shows who is online, it has the User Name I requested (CalZephyr). But in my profile, and when I post, it's showing AllanCZ.

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This is what I was referring to when I strongly suggested using the same username (display name), or something very close to it, in the post on the old site, in the Open Registration e-mail, and in the info on the side-bar menu of our new home page.     

There are two important reasons why I strongly suggested this:

1.     If you use the search "text" option on the message search you will have to scroll through pages and pages of posts.  That's because just a few of us transferred all the old posts and, in order to get the tens of thousands of individual posts here and not take 4 or 5 months to do it, every topic needed to be copied in its entirety and manually posted here.  Unfortunately, we cannot simply transfer databases from MSN. They don't do that.  So, it's best to use the "title content" option instead.  This will greatly reduce the amount of text you'll see, but you will still get a good return.

     When the messages are completely transferred, we will go back and separate them.  This will enable us to do what couldn't be done on MSN: have a normal, full function message search.   

2.     In addition, separating the messages will enable readers to quickly identify and match the RV technical information and member who posted it, for all the members who are here now, anyway.  If a username is not the same or very close to what it was on the old site, we won't be able to quickly match the posts to the poster, if at all.

Now, when this is done, I will enable our members to change their display name to whatever they wish because all those posts we were able to go back and connect with them and it will change all those posts to the posters current display name. 

     However, it won't be soon.  I may take several months.  Only a small handful of us have been transferring the old posts.  We're very close to being done but we're also very burnt-out.  We will take a break until after the new year and then start the new task.  We will only be doing two messages per day, per board, so we don't flood out the new posts being made and this will also take the stress off of us.

     Normally, you all know that I tell you the whys for doing something when I ask you to, but this is not a normal time for us.  We are in a major transition - especially me.

     I am asking that everyone read what has been given to you for guidance.  And, in the future, if I strongly suggest to do something a certain way, no... it isn't written in stone, but there are and will be parameters which must be kept within, just like this one has.  And, if I ask something to be done which has some amount of variation defined, then I have very good reasons for asking it to be done within those boundaries.  So, please follow the directions given. 

     You may or may not fully understand the full scope of the work needed to be done right now.  It is very intense and very time consuming.  The explanations for what I may ask everyone to do may be lenghty, like this one.   Providing full explanations at this time for all the things which need to be done and what I may need you, as a community, to do, would take substantial time away from actually getting them done, and since this is a new system to all of us, it may be better, in some cases, to provide that explantion at a more opportune time, such as this one would be, once the process has begun and you can actually see what I'm referring to and how it benefits everyone.

Please continue to be patient.  We still have a lot of work ahead and your support is greatly appreciate.

Mark Sobyak