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What Travel Apps do you use?


What travel Apps do you people use when out on the road? I am looking for something that will tell me places to stay, including Wal-Marts and that type of thing. Places to dump the tanks.


Over the years I have used:



PC Navigator Free

MS Streets

I've never been lacking in Goggle maps on my phone.  The trick is to go into settings and decide what you want it to show.  You can turn on and off traffic, restaurants, points of interest, etc.  Anything you need is also available by voice command by hitting the microphone button in maps app and saying "Walmart".  It assumes you want the nearest, and in the direction of travel.

Basically I am coming home a different way from my Virginia trip this year and I need to find a place to dump my tanks before stopping the next day. I usually hit the free stop on Rt.95 in Md. at the rest stop just north of Washington but I am not going that way this time so looking for a dump stop.


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