Need diagram of 440 Vacuum lines

Started by 78BraveGuy, August 07, 2017, 09:24 PM

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I recently purchased a 78 Winnebago Brave with a 440 Dodge engine.  It is in decent shape for its age, but does need some TLC.  One issue is that the cruise control doesn't work.  I inspected it further, and evidently a previous owner has eliminated all the vacuum lines for the cruise control.  Does anyone have a diagram showing the proper hookups and routing for the cruise control vacuum lines?  The original carb has been replaced with an Edelbrock 4 bbl.



Hello Welcome to the club...I can send you some pix since you changed carbs I can show you the  vacuum canister from a 1975 440.3 with a carter carb. I have more pix of the vacuum unit itself but this should guide you.

Hope this helps



You could also put in an aftermarket 'universal' cruise control system, all electronic, no vacuum to cause the rv to lag or lead the set speed.


Thanks Phil for the nice picture.  That helps a lot.  I hadn't given any thought to an aftermarket cruise control, and that sounds like a decent option as well.  I am very new to older Winnebagos and motorhomes in general.  I am sure I will have more questions.  Thanks!


That diagram above is only for the emissions control system on 75 and later chassis'.
Cruise Control on Dodge chassis was aftermarket. 
Most likely Perfect Circle brand which is no longer in business.  Info for that system is our members area.


I don't know how to post on here but in desperate need of where the hoses go that come off back of carb pcv routing 78 brave 440 2.7 lt 8 cly please


Hi Jallen,

What you need to do is see what carburetor you got, find the brand and type, go to youtube and fill in the information and see if there is a video about it. If there isn't then come back here. It really is the easiest way to get your info the fastest.

There are way to many variances to give you any advise based on "desperate need of where the hoses go that come off back of carb pcv routing 78 brave 440 2.7 lt 8 cly please"

You RV is 44 years old so bound there are changes made to the set up. It really isn't 1+1=2

If you want to own an 44 year old RV you need to be willing to put the time in it to get to know your RV and learn how to repair it if you also want to travel with it, because if you break down on the road you will find it difficult to find help, knowledge and willingness bases on several comments on the forum here.

So if you really want to learn about these engines:

Tips on RV repair:

Stop watching Hollycrap  if you do and use the time to watch this. you will thank me later for it if you are willing to put in the time


Ok I have a 1978 winnabago class a 4 barrel 440.3 7.2 ltr V8


Jallen, you need to give us the right information. If you don't do that I'm really sorry but we can't help you. See my last post.