Eternabond Tape

Started by ClydesdaleKevin, January 29, 2012, 10:59 AM

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Most of you long time members already know about this stuff and how awesome it is.

It is a flexible sealing tape, rubbery white on one side, with an incredible almost unbelievable glue on the other.

Use it to seal seams and holes on your roof, and you can even use it for emergency holding tank repairs.

The glue is pressure activated...push hard on it or use a roller, and it will stick to just about anything...even wet stuff.

I didn't have much luck getting it to mold to screw heads around vents, but a lot of members here do it that way with great results.

And this stuff lasts and lasts and lasts.  Tom (Slantsixness) even used it to repair a rusted out wheel well on his old Dodge pickup...the tape outlasted the rest of the wheel!

I used it to seal all the seams on my roof...and then coated right over it with a white elastomeric coating...its paintable and coatable.

You will want to thoroughly clean the surface you are sticking it to however...I forgot one spot on my roof that was coated with lichen of all things...and it stuck to the lichen, and tore the lichen right off the roof.

It is very expensive...2 25 foot rolls 4 inches wide cost me over 75 bucks...but it is probably the best thing out there for sealing and repairs.

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I also give Eternabond Tape five stars.  Not only is it good in itself, it covers a worls of small sins which otherwise would have required a lot more work to fix!
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I've been looking at the eterna bond tape ..a friend of mine said he used this on the ends of his rv to seal it instead of caulking it ..I'm talking about the seams on the back end and front end of a travel trailer   on the corners from the roof to the bumper ..I haven't talked to him sick he done it ..he's off on a job working ..has anyone  ever  used this tape instead of caulking and if you have is it better ? I don't think my seams are leaking but I do know trailers are bad about leaking   there and I like to maintain  them to prevent this  from happening 


It is great stuff as long as you do not have to bridge gaps. You want to have full contact all across the tape surface for it to be most effective. And on corners it is not so good because it will not conform to a corner very well.


I use the 4-inch wide Eternabond over caulked seams.  It might be overkill, but I consider it (relatively) cheap insurance.  Just be sure the tape has plenty of contact on both sides of the seam.  And clean, clean, clean before applying!

This is also a great way to cover any silicone applied by a PO before applying any type of roof coating (which won't stick to silicone).