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For 9 yrs i was a full time rver  with no home  and then i had a devastating  lost my rv  cought on fire  so i became land locked and now i have a new rv  and i love her i hated living in place for so long  now with my new rv  we are heading out again it cheaper  and makes me happy  glad to be a full time rver again

Glad to hear you made it through and are back on the road again. 

Perhaps for the benefit of others, what caused the fire?

Winnebago Warrior 94:
Welcome back what new /older ride did you get ?


--- Quote from: Rickf1985 on April 07, 2017, 07:37 PM ---Welcome back, you might want to edit you signature to reflect th engine is a 454 and not a 440. I see some in one of the forums are a bid confused about that. And put some periods and commas in your posts! W% :D :D

--- End quote ---
:)ThmbUp :)ThmbUp :)ThmbUp
Seems like Dodge 454's and GM 440's are coming up a lot lately.
Must be hell for guru's like Dave and Rick when attempting to offer assistance.

I surly know the devastating loss of ones home on wheels, but I would think a  fire would have a much greater loss than I could imagine.

I like full-time life in an RV. Heck, they got rumbling Big Block Eights!!!! :)clap


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