70s-style Winnebago Brow Crest

Started by C&T2, May 01, 2019, 08:42 PM

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This is a copy of the original logo on my '74 Winnebago Indian - well, as close as I could come... I found the font to be less polished than more modern version of the Winnebago logo, which is why I spent time working on this. Sadly, I never got a chance to make decals from this effort, and after our rig caught fire last spring, afraid we won't ever. So, I've packaged up the file in a zip and provided the link below. It contains an .ai, .eps, and .svg file - pretty sure anybody who can make decals should be able to do something with one of those formats. Also note that the wordmark is usually a metallic silver rather than the white above. Enjoy!