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73 D18 roof replacement

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Well started pulling the roof off my Winni and figured I would post some pics of what I did. I looked at the few others that have done this and posted pics and pretty much will do it similar. One thing i dont want is a big curve to the roof. I will give it some curve but maybe closer to 1 inch higher in the middle. I want it to look the way it did. I am hoping to find a place that i can get rolled sheet aluminum to skin the roof when its done. I read someone said they did that but still havent found a place to get it local . I build custom cars and trucks...mainly fabricating so this will end up being a show/ camper/ tow rig .

borrowed my cousins tent to park it under while i replace the roof

Rip it off!

By the late 80's Winnebago had started curving the roof, for good reason. It's not just stronger, but it works to shed water or other particles the sky likes to deposit. If it starts to sag a little over the years, it still won't puddle water.

Many metal suppliers carry or can access rolled aluminum sheet stock, particularly those that deal in non ferrous metals. Companies that service or build cargo trailers or transport trailers should be able to steer you to one in your area.


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