Custom Chieftain Exhaust - From Hot Rod to Cotton Puff

Started by BrandonMc, January 19, 2017, 07:53 PM

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Original thread here - Where I come in...

Learned: Performance and super turbo exhaust not wanted as recommended in another forum post, you want a quiet ride. Check out a comparison here, which is what was my final straw: Custom Exhaust Install on a Ford E-350 V10 Motorhome Thank You RickF and Dave78 on the earlier posts, you really helped me, I hope to contribute back to this forum by reporting my findings here!!!

I returned everything mentioned in the prior post, aside from the header. The header must be installed at a later time due to living in an emissions county. H-pipe kit and universal install kit highly unnecessary, a muffler shop doesn't need this junk, although they did use the h-pipe kit. I don't think this impacted cost by nearly much or anything. Lost about 100 bucks on shipping, but not too bad because I ordered on Jegs 1yr policy and I lucked out. They are now a different policy, 3 months and 15%. Lesson learned though, and I now have a great ride and I don't care because it's done right.

1. New EFE, saved a lot on NOS on ebay, these are expensive. Vacuum gauge now flied around like a rocket.
2. 2.5" pipe from manifold
3. h-pipe
4. Walker super quiet exhaust 2.5" in, 2.5" out 26" length, 7" Diameter. WLK-21377
5. Cost 1001 bucks at the shop parts and labor, and $1250 total roughly after the EFE and mufflers.

I am pleased to report the exhaust is half as loud at idle, i can hear road noise and belts while driving and not the engine, it sounds like a cotton ball! I'm now happy to report improved acceleration - as if a feather can get this off the line. Improved performance at speed - it appears there is no longer any engine braking effect while letting off the gas, and I glide better down the road. And easier starting - it's like it wants to run now, and not hesitate.


Nice!!!  That is on my list eventually...quieter exhaust.  Our rig sounds like a Cessna up!

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Wow, after watching the video of the Ford...I'd want a quieter exhaust as well.  Funny thing, I drove my 72 Chieftain from MN to CO with just headers - I still can't hear quite well!

Its good to know what good exhaust work costs - your's looks really well done.

What is that "H" pipe supposed to do??


Evens out the pulses between the two banks of exhaust and give you more low end torque.


Quote from: Rickf1985 on June 05, 2017, 07:24 PM
Evens out the pulses between the two banks of exhaust and give you more low end torque.


I had an exhaust leak at the manifold.  Figured i would just change out the gasket. Nope.  No gasket and the manifold is bad enough rusted that the shop will not plane it.  Did you replace your manifolds?  If so, ideas on sourcing them?


I replied to your other post with a link to aftermarket manifolds but I would go with headers. The manifolds on yours could have been cast iron or stainless header type but either one are not going to be cheap. You can cheap headers for a couple hundred bucks but I suggest you go with higher end ones, they will last much longer.