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  CWVRV is "home" to several RV full-timers, traveling about on the freedom of the open roads.  We all greatly enjoy the stories of their challenges and adventures.  These members support themselves in various ways.  They face unique situations and have developed a very keen knowledge of their RVs, cities and towns, highways and byways an a lot more.  It takes very special people to let go of the trappings of a concrete foundation and embrace the possibilities ahead of them as full-timers.

    This topic is dedicated entirely to them and to those who want to share their living dreams.  You're not going to find them "at home", and you may never spy them passing by on some road somewhere, but you can always visit them here!  Who better is there to find out what it's really like to be a full-timer than from our "Classic Adventurers" themselves.

     A huge thanks for the continuing and enthusiastic support of Kevin & Patti Smith who, shortly after joining our group, embarked on their full-time adventure.  Also to those others who have been rolling down the asphalt ribbons for years now and made us as much a part of their lives as the wind and the weather.  A Special thanks goes out to Gromit440 for providing the inspirational for title of our full-timers. 
    You'll find many topics on this message board which cover topics specific to full-time RV living.

     Now, I'll turn over the board for the introductions, stories, and advice from our very own "Classic Adventurers."

Well said! It's really a scary experience to sell all one's "stuff" and head out in search of freedom to live, see, and enjoy whatever comes your way along the trail .... off the ever spinning squirrel cage we all seem to run in most of our lives. Once our "stuff" was sold/donated, it was like getting a monkey off our backs...and after over a year, I couldn't even tell you what most of the "stuff" We rented our house in Pinehurst, NC to supplement our income, meager as that is. But, you would be surprised how little green it takes to full-time, especially if your set up for boon-docking. And, the folks we meet along the way are great....a very independent sort always willing to share a tale, a laugh, and help, if needed.

We tend to trek along the "back roads" and have probably only logged a couple of hundred miles on the "slab" of the over 10,000 traveled so far. The small towns and scenery, experienced at a slow pace, have a lot to offer the spirit, mind, and soul.

I imagine this board will grow to be of great importance to those of us full-timing in classic RVs....and we would like to offer folks sharing the "Classic Adventurers" dream, whether actually full-timing or just thinking about it, any help we can provide. Rock on adventure freedom riders!

Jeff & Sandra

Hey everyone!  We first left "mundania" after I got out of the Navy.  We sold the house, bought a 1972 Futura motorhome which we nicknamed "The Ark," and off we went!

At first we intended to live off of my Navy retirement, but things were very tight.  So, we fell into working at Renaissance Faires and Medieval Festival...which was a hobby of ours for years before.

Two years ago, we decided to start our own business at RenFaire, since selling jewelry just wasn't all that!  Thus Siege The Day was born!

We have logged a lot of miles and made a lot of friends...and working at the faires is a blast.  We do pretty well even in this economy, but then, expenses are very low compared to living in Mundania. 

Anyhow, at the same time that we started our own business, we bought Excalibur, our 1977 Itasca C27AL.  She runs very well, gets decent fuel economy, and because she spent most of her life in Death Valley, there is absolutely no water damage at all.  Even the original roof is deadpan flat.  We have done a lot of work on her and replaced a lot of systems...and we are just getting!

We travel with 2 German Shepherds, a Himilayan cat, and a Cayuga duck...thus the reason our old RV was named The Ark! 

We have reams of experience with different campgrounds, fixing things on the fly, boondocking, updating and upgrading systems, driving in various conditions, etc.  And of course renfaires and operating a mobile wood shop.

Its a very good life that I highly recommend, even though there are hardships and you can get cabin fever after a while...not a lot of room in these old!  But the good WAY outweighs the bad!  My bloodpressure went from very high to normal, my cholesterol level is now normal, and I've lost 60 lbs since getting on the road...and its not from dieting!!  Much lower stress levels are what I attribute it to.

We will be here to answer questions, and no doubt to ASK a lot of questions from our fellow fulltimers and CW members!

Love all you guys!

Kev and Patti

Hey Kev & Patti,

You folks have been on the road a long time. Way to go. Thank you for offering any input you may have in situations we may find ourselves in .... scratching our heads on what to do. We're presently in Vero Beach....where are you now?

The weather in Florida has been glorious, eh? We will be traveling to Raleigh, NC soon to attend our daughter's graduation from NC State. Hope there are no ice storms! When we return, maybe we can stop by where you folks are staying for a visit...or visa versa along the way.

In any event, we will be heading for Lighthouse Point and Pompano Beach to visit our moms.....and then on to Flamingo....and then on to Punta Gorda. Good luck with your shows! I hope this forum may inspire others make the big move to RVing full-time. It's worked out very well for us. And you as well, I think.

We are in Bunnell right now until the end of December and into the first week of January.  Bunnell is on the East Coast, a ways south of Jacksonville, a little south of St. Augusting, just south of Palm Coast, and a wee bit north of!  If you have the time and want to stop by, we are at the Thunder Gulch Campground...very cool place that feels like home.

After the first week of January, we'll be hopping all over Florida, from Fort Meyers, to Gainesville, to Tampa, and to Fort Lauderdale area.

Would be cool to hook up with you guys and camp for a while!

Kev and Patti


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