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Improved method of dropping gas tank

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I want to give a shout out to CapnDirk for this brilliant idea.

He and I were BS,ing over e-mail and the subject of dropping the gas tank came up and he said "you know what would work good?".
 Here is what came of that discussion.

On mine and his 80 gallon tanks they are held by the normal straps across the tanks plus on each end there is a flange that is bolted to a cross member. Take out the corner bolts and replace them with long pieces of 3/8" threaded rod and large enough washers to cover the holes in the mount. Run the nuts and washers up from the bottom to the flange and then remove the rest of the bolts and straps. The tank is now hanging from the rods which you can either turn the nuts to lower or raise the tank a hair with a jack and run the nuts down some by hand. Since the tank will be supported at all four corners it will not have to be empty. The rod and nut system will allow it to be angled as necessary. And using the 3/8 rod will leave plenty of room in the holes to be able to push the tank side to side or front to back to clear obstacles. You also do not have to worry about have to try and balance it on a jack as any gas moves around inside, I can personally attest that only a small amount of gas can make a large tank very hard to handle.

I believe this would work on tanks that only have straps also as long as you are able to remove the straps and have access to the holes. Hold the tank with a jack, remove straps and replace with threaded rod and fabricate a couple bars to go across under the tank. 

Let me know what you all think. 

Seems like a good idea, especially if dropping the tank by yourself with no extra hands around.


Definitely will go this route when I drop my tank. Hopefully no time soon, but you never know.  :D

Thanks Rick  :)

Rick improved on it by pointing out that once the rods were in place, you could take the weight off with the jack and loosen the nuts a couple inches at a time end for end or side to side.  Also when you are down to the jack being bottomed out, just remove it and use a ratcheting wrench or whatever to completely drop it on the ground.  Way safer, and a buddy isn't needed, but faster if one guy on jack, and one on backing off the nuts.  You don't need rod length all the way to the ground, the flange on our tanks is 3/4 the way to the top of the tank so flange to ground minus 4" would probable be fine.  OR measure bottom of tank to ground and add a couple inches to get to the top of the chassis bracket plus nut and washer

What bugged me about my recent tank drop is that on the P30 the metal part of the filler (part of the tank) that joins the rubber fill hose is INSIDE the frame rail.  It came out, but we literally sheered the hose off the tank putting it back in, and distorted the steel mouth.

As Rick pointed out, 10, 30, whatever gallons of gas will have a tank doing whatever it wants to  ;)

And..... It's "cheep"!  Key word on older motorhomes and their older owners!  :D


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