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Harbor freight jackstands, UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!

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 !-! Do NOT buy these 6 ton jackstands!!!!! I just had one give out due to a cheesy damn piece of sheet metal that is supposed to hold the the center post of the stand from moving forward or back. Pulled on a wrench which pulled the coach over and it let go!!! Thank God I had the wheels on and boards under the wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a link to the stand in question, they sell them under several part numbers but they are all the same. Their whole line is built the same so buyer beware! I will never again trust their garbage for supporting a load.

Notice the angle of the post in the first two pictures, I will tell you that it kicked the holding gear out and dropped the load also.

Here you will see the little piece of metal the broke out, that is the palm of my glove it is sitting in. Compare to the one sitting next to it and you can see where it belongs. Note the quality of the weld in addition to the small size of the piece.

here's a link to what I use for jack stands, yes they are pricey but I'd rather be alive If you need increased height set them on 4x4 or 6x6 block cribbed


I have some almost exactly like them, I built them out of heavy wall pipe. I was actually trying to find them for this job but they are buried somewhere. Need to make more of them. Can make them quick and easy out of square tube stock used for trailer hitches. I use 5/8 hitch pins for the height setting pins and holes.

That is crazy!!

I almost bought one of those aluminum jacks at HF in detroit, one of the guys was giving me a hard time about looking at a jack before buying it, inspecting it, he was such a prick I told him to put my stuff back and walked out..

I have some of those and I don't feel completely safe when using them. I might sell them to recoup some of my money. Glad you're ok Rick and that you had a safety built in.


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