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We got a mention in the Wall Street Journal!!! Wow!

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Anyone read this article yet? It's about how classic and vintage RV's have become sought after collectibles. They even threw in a mention of us here at Classic Winnebago's...
Maybe that will generate some new traffic our way.

hey is cool,

my generation get mentioned "young folks " lol, take a look at youtube there are a bunch of younger people getting old rvs fixing them and having fun.

maybe time to get a couple old baggos as investement.

And to think, I just bought that Pace Arrow for 600.00 and was going to part it out. SECOND THOUGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if we can get permission to copy that article over to here?

Great!   :)clap  WSJ article...  This is a great website, so no wonder.  So glad I found it.  And the folks who like the vintage RV's, which were built so well.  The information from this website is excellent - mostly experiential, which always works best for old vintage stuff.  I went to a car show once - All American Car Show, down in Santa Rosa.  The little race car next to me had a 454 engine with a roll  bar!  Jeeeeezus!  454's rule!!!! ;)

So cool  :)ThmbUp :) :)clap



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