Winnebago Brave 28' Value

Started by Schwarzkopf9, June 03, 2015, 10:28 PM

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Hey guys, looking to sell my 1983 Brave and am curious if there is any way to accurately guage the value? I see other rigs on craigslist near the same year but my question gets difficult as I just dumped 2500$ into an interior remodel. Any ideas where to go from here?


The biggest problem with these is the same as selling a vintage car. You will never get back what you put into it. I know that sounds crass but it is how it works. I can't tell you what to ask but do not expect to get back what you paid plus what you put into it.


rick is right these are more a labor of love it's worth more to you than somebody else.


yeah, I understand that. I would say "labor of love" would be streching it in this case... The good news is that I paid 150$ for the whole thing :) , anything above 2650$ would be profit! was thinking of listing it for say 6500 and negotiate from there.


Always start high and come down. Just do not start dropping the price within a month or the vultures will pick up on the desperation factor right away and then just wait and watch as it continues to drop until one of them can't wait any longer. I guarantee they will wait until much lower than what you want though.


If you list it for that I doubt you have any calls at all. $6500.00 will buy a early to mid 90s in my neck of the woods.


I agree with bluebird.  That's a high starting price and people won't even look or make offers if they think you're being unrealistic.  Comparison pricing is a good way to gauge what to start with.
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