Onan Generator only putting out 25-35 on Multi-meter

Started by Bioblaze, May 11, 2015, 03:22 PM

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I know nothing about RVs, and even less about Generators. Moved into my RV about a Month and some Change ago. My Generator seemingly went ka-put on me, a week ago. When the inside Cab started Waning, and all the outlets kept going On/Off, On/Off Originally. We thought this was a Issue with the Breakers, so we replaced the Breakers, only to our dismay to be unable to get the ACTUAL Cab to have power again.

So I called a Electrition down yesterday and he said my Generator isnt putting out the full 120. Its only putting out 25-35. Anyone have a Clue on this? Or anything like this?

I called a Onan Service/Repair Center, and they want to charge me 299 to come out to just look at it, that isnt including fixing it I believe.

I can post pictures, while I have laptop power. but in 2 hours, i`m back to no power :( Again.