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Started by Brianpaul77, May 03, 2015, 03:54 PM

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So figuring I should have some of the more potentially dangerous systems in our new to us RV checked out, I called the two coach service centers in our area.  We don't have many choices where we are in Iowa.  I was a little shocked to be told they charged $120-140 an hour labor, and that just to test the LP system would take several hours.  Is this reasonable and what we should expect, several hundred dollars to just do testing before any actual repair costs added as well? 

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$80 - $100/hr typical. At least in Kentucky.
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Yes, that does sound very high for just testing.  But that's what they're banking on... there's no competition so they'll charge what they want.
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$120 is the going rate a Camping World.


Many propane suppliers - here at least - are certified for inspection and repair. You may get a better rate as well as someone who specializes and so can perform the work more quickly. If that is all they do and they do it all day long as opposed to a RV shop which is not so specialized.
Rule of thumb from a previous boater for material and labor:
Normal - auto, etc. X$'s
RV - double -         XX$'s
Marine - triple -     XXX$'s
Aviation -              Sky is the limit
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Thanks for the input.  I'd actually called a few of the area propane suppliers before the RV centers, but they all said they couldn't touch it and referred me to one of the RV places.  Might broaden my search area a bit, as it seems like it might be worth some driving to find a more reasonable option. 


Research the tank and see if it meets code. Soapy water at the joints when you turn it on. Go slow and use common sense. That's what I did to check mine but I mess with gas lines more often than others. I understand if you don't want to do it but make sure who ever inspects the system will "certify" it and take responsibility.


So what exactly are your potentially dangerous systems your afraid to check out. Hm?


Quote from: LJ-TJ on May 03, 2015, 10:53 PM
So what exactly are your potentially dangerous systems your afraid to check out. Hm?

Mostly the LP system.  I'm also a little leery of the generator, as while I'm fairly mechanically inclined, I've no experience with them.  Topic for another thread, but I'm already aware of the external LP valve leaking.  As soon as I turn it on, can smell LP and hear/feel the leak right at the valve.  Interestingly, it did not do this when we checked it out before purchase, so either the difference in temperature or driving it home did something to cause a leak.


Ok so hang on a sec. What LP valve are you talking about. Does your rig use propane rather than gas or are you talking about the valve on your 25 lb or 30 lb BBQ tank? Got a picture? Checking out the propane system may not be that difficult. Take spritzer bottle that you can pick up at the Dollar General for a dollar and while your there pick up some dish soap. Mix the soap with some water and then go around and squirt at all your joins on your propane system with the soapy water. With the propane turned on watch for bubbles. If you get bubbles then you have a leak. There's not a lot major that can go wrong with your system that you can't tighten or replace. That is until you get the big tanks they use in stead of gasoline.
Personally I've been taken to the cleaners so many times by so called mechanics I just don't trust them. NOT ALL but most. I've been able to take out my engine and tear it down and rebuild and put it back together and reinstall it in my 75 Winne with the help from these lads on this site. These rigs aren't that hard to fix. These lads are spectacular when it comes to helping  out.  Get us a picture of your trouble spot oh and DON'T SMOKE while your checking out your Propane Leak. :)rotflmao or POOF.


The valve you turn on the underside of the MH to provide propane to appliances in the coach.  I'm at work, so can't provide a picture.  I'll start a new thread about it when I get home, as we're getting sidetracked from what this one is originally about.


Does the valve leak when turned all the way open? If it only leaks when half open there an o ring that be changed without removing the valve in under 5 minutes.


So I called Cheyenne RV about 20 miles down the road from us and their labor rate was $76.  Guess I'll be taking the rig there if it ever comes to that. 


Well I'm guessing by the sounds of it you can fix it yourself if it's what I'm thinking of but I'll wait in case you can post a picture of the problem area. It sounds like motopro might have the right idea and it could be any were from a 50 cents to a couple dollar fix. Hm?


You may also want to check the local fire dept.. A lot of them will do gas testing on motor homes and mobile homes for a donation to the fire company.


Here's a description of whats going on and a picture.  Thanks for the help guys.,11055.0.html


OK! Thanks for that. It's a little out of my league. I'll shall bow out to those way more knowledgeable than I in this area. D:oH!   


I took my rig to a basic gas station that had a mechanic on duty as well as a propane filling station. The mechanic just said to only put 2 pounds in at first and he did the soapy water test underneath and that was it. Only paid 10 dollars for the propane. Been cooking twice a day now for over a week.