Replacing OEM generator with portable style

Started by ashpd_136, September 25, 2009, 01:03 AM

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I am looking for info. from anyone that has replaced there OEM generator with a less pricey portable style. I am particularly interstested in the make and model that's been usedand the way its used, inside or out of the genrator compartment? If inside how have you vented the exhaust and how have you ventilated the compartment to provide cool air. I understand that the portbale style are not designed to run in enclosed spaces. 


The underside of my generator compartment has a round hole cut-out with a fan mounted under it to create forced air cooling circulation.
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Is the fan original or something that you or someone else added? My compartment has a solid steel floor but it appears that its been modified. Do you know what the original floor in the generator compartment of the 73 Brave should be like ? 


Additionally, does anyone know what generator would have came in my 22 foot 73 Brave ? Generator compartment is pass. side rear corner. I'd like to start watching ebay and craigslist for a used one comparable to the original as an option to a portable. 


These old units are pretty bullet-proof, and you can pick them up pretty cheap.  The fix for my non-running Kohler was loose, dirty ignition connectors.  I also took the head off, cleaned the top of the piston, the valves and the combustion chamber.   Parts are available at NAPA in the small engine and outdoor equipment catalogs, on-line or local lawnmower shops.



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I've noticed that portables are smaller lately.  I was pondering a 3.5kw I saw at Pep Boys - on sale, for $279!  I could tell, just by looking, it would fit quite easily in the compartment of my '74 Indian with plenty of room to spare.  And, it has a Subaru motor so, it's not like an unkown, off-brand that you'd wonder if it would go kaput in a year.
1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


Just in the progress on installing a 2000w Inverter Type Champion Generator into my empty generator bay. Was $375 send to my home.

It's a little tricky, since I have to install an extend run fuel kit. I can not access the Generator tank after installing it.
Also I have to reroute the exhaust so it's blowing out to the side.

I have the MH for about a year now and could live most off the time without a Generator. (Got an 1000/2000w Inverter) so I figured I want something light (less then 50 pounds), which is fuel efficient and quiet.
The Engine should be good for about 2000 hours. If you change the oil every 100h.

This engine runs at half full load with the A/C on for about 8 hours. I can not microwave and A/C at the same time, but who cares ? switch the A/C off for 3 minutes, turn it back on.