Suggestions for cheap tow insurance?

Started by Weblamer, April 16, 2015, 08:47 PM

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So...I have bad karma in my old camper and have broken down a lot. From tires to Belts.

What is a good, cheap tow service I can invest in? AAA? GoodSam?


last year i got good sam roadside for free with the purchase of 3 years good sam club. I live around the corner from camping world so this was my choice.

this year i will go tu US Rider, because they cover everything i tow. Including my horses.

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Good morning, Weblamer; 

     We have had AAA roadside assistance and towing insurance for years (used it three times; once when the clutch cable on the Subaru broke, and again when the serpentine belt on the later Subaru broke as an idler pulley bearing died), but I learned that the regular AAA assistance does not cover the Motor Home RV.  That would be $188 per year additional through them out here.  I did not do that. 

     The Good Sam Club Roadside Assistance and Towing program seems to be much less at only $80 per year.  Yes, I am ordering that one through them. 

     I am also doing everything I can to see that I do not need to call them.  It is much nicer to be able to drive to your destination instead of waiting beside the road for a large Class C towtruck to arrive (a Holmes 500C is not going to cut it here).  At least you do have comfortable seating in the motor home while waiting.  There is also a spare alternator, a spare starter, and some other electrical things, plus some neoprene tubing and hose, clamps, and similar things in the box.  Those I can do. 


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I have Good Sam (6yrs now) They are very good and will not send a small wrecker if you need a tow One drawback to all Road Service  None of them can provide service on a limited access highway (toll road) As all these roads have contracts with towing co,s that have bid for the priviledge to rip you off !   Frank
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Good Sam covers the older RVs. Coach-net only covers back to 1974, not certain about AAA. I'll have to cancel my roadside assistance with my vehicle insurance, since they don't cover anything older than 25 years.


To those with Good Sam I read it is "To the nearest repair facility". If I would rather have it towed home that does not appear to be an option. AAA just list up to 100 miles or 200 miles with the premier membership. I know that AAA took the vehicle a friend of mine owned back to his house which was a long way vs a repair shop 5 miles away. Is that the case with Good Sam? I would like to tow home in some instances if possible. My membership with AAA is up in a few months and just curious about options.


I just found out that our AAA insurance we've carried for the last 4 years only covered an RV up to 26'!! We have a 27 foot motorhome!!!!!!!!! Be sure to read the fine print....Im going to need to find something else now, we cancelled AAA.
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What I found on the AAA policy says unlimited size on motorhomes, travel trailers, or truck campers. The 26' applies to horse trailer's, boat trailer, or other trailers carrying personal recreational vehicles from what I can find. I know my dad's Itasca has been towed several times and is well over 30'. Did someone at AAA tell you that?


I share the 26' Komfort motorhome with the inlaws, they had the AAA insurance on it. They told me this a couple weeks ago. So it sounds like they read the policy wrong? I will talk to them about this evening. Thanks for the info!
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