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Morning all.been member long time,getting ready to go full time in restored 72 brave.wondering what I face in Rv parks in Arizona and new mexico

I have found that if your rig is clean and looks decent and has no fluid leaks you will not have any problems except at snootyville parks  Frank


--- Quote from: Froggy1936 on January 10, 2015, 09:04 PM ---... you will not have any problems except at snootyville parks  Frank

--- End quote ---

Snootyville parks... I like that.

Bill Hime:
I will reopen this topic! Some of you know we are moving to Colorado Springs here very soon. We've lined up jobs and plan on staying in a RV park while looking for a permanent residence. It's been interesting, some of the websites we've seen stated "no RV's older than..." Don't remember the year off hand but it definitely excluded our Chief.
Personally, I don't waste my time with people from Snootyville, but I was rather surprised  :P


Don't be, and that year of exclusion is not very old anymore. When you think about it a 2000 coach is 17 years old and considered ancient by most standards. I went to one of those parks one time in a borrowed RV that qualified to go there and I will never go to one again! I was walking my dog and there was NOBODY outside! They were all holed up in their air conditioned half million dollar homes watching sat TV. Every once in a while you would catch someone looking out the window so you wave and the drape slam shut. I had one person actually venture outside only to tell me I should not have an attack dog in a campground. My "attack dog" was my 120 lb. German shepherd who had the personalty of a teddy bear. He was the most people loving and laid back dog I ever had. Meanwhile this guy had two little ankle biters barking and yapping at the windows of the RV. I am guessing they had litter boxes inside and they never went out either because in two days that was the only contact I had there. It was quiet but weird.

I think that most of us that have the older RV's are in a much lower income bracket than those that own the new mega-dollar RV's These people just want to be able to move their house from place to place. I can tell you that not all top earners are like that, I used to service very high end collector cars for celebrities and people that "did not want to be known". I had a reputation for doing good work, I was honest and I was discreet. A lot of these people are good people so I do not like to put them all in a class together. I know one family that has a 92 Pace Arrow and travels extensively staying in the lower end places we are limited to and they love it. He tells me it is a "much better group of people". nobody knows who he is, just another guy with a camper. This guy is worth probably more than the collective income of everyone on this site combined. Good people.


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