Generator I bought to use until I get Onan running

Started by Sturedman, June 30, 2013, 09:00 AM

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I am new to this forum, but thought I'd share something.  I just got a 1981 Brave 28'.  It is really clean and everything in it works well.  The generator was rebuilt by Cummins in 2010.  It's an Onan 4.0 Genset.  The guy I got it from, had all the propane system and 80 lb tank replaced, the generator re-manufactured, the water pump replaced and new tires in 2010.  He took it on the first camping trip and got about 60 miles, and a rod started knocking in the Chevy 454.  He had it towed to the campground, did the weekend  with his family, and had it towed home.  It has set in his garage while he was looking for a replacement engine.  He finally decided he didn't want it after pricing 454's.  I traded him a used Glock 21 that I had paid $400 for. 

I had it towed out to my property for a place to spend weekends while building on the property.  I may look for a 350 to put in it, since the 454 was an option for the rv.  It has no batteries, so I haven't even tried to start it, to see what the real problem with the motor is.  It also has no coach batteries in to start the generator.  I didn't care, because, plugged in, everything worked including the roof air. 

Anyways...I bought this generator as a temporary one until I buy the batteries and solar panels to set up, and use the onboard generator as back up and for when I use the ac.  It's a Champion that I took out of the box, put in fuel and oil.  It started on the first pull, and ran perfectly.  I bought it because it has the 30 amp rv socket in it.  It is a great one for only 329.00 at Tractor Supply.


Nice!  I had seen similar generators at Pep Boys at prices like this which have Subaru engines.
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I have had one of those for 3 years now.  Has been very reliable.  You can see it mounted to the rear deck on mine.  Pocono Raceway was real muddy.  The rear wheels are stuck 6" in the mud in this pic.  Had to wait for the ground to dry a bit before I could pull out.


M & J

M & J


As you have also been experiencing, mud shoes would be better!  LOL

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Hi Dave, nice pics. As i have been to Pocono race track many times i feel your pain. Hope you weren't in a hurry. I spoke to you a few months back regarding my 88 superchiefs 6.5 onan genset. Here's my problem, i had the unit worked over and it ran great, save for one problem, it won't start from the coach starter switch. Do you have recources for the wiring diagram for the unit?


The service manuals are located in the Members Area, Free manuals section link at the top of the page.  I suspect you have either the NH or NHE model.  You will need to know the spec number to select the correct manual.



Is this better than fixing an original built in Onan?

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way less expensive, noisy, and not designed for an RV generator bay (cooling, exhaust)
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