Old Onan parts getting scarce.

Started by DonD, August 18, 2014, 08:36 PM

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I just got a tune-up set...plugs (no prob. Champ RL95YC), points are aftermarket as Onan is no longer making them available. Got a condenser too, plus an air filter.

I will stash these until the engine shows signs of needing a tune up.
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You can find some older parts through a Cummins diesel dealership with a parts warehouse or their website. Maybe not everything but some.

M & J

My RV dealer still had the points for our BF(something)... Sorry, forgot the model number suddenly.
M & J


Don't be afraid to talk to your local Cummins parts man.

Some times the part is available but cannot be ordered thru the computer system.

I needed a plate that covers the brushes for a NHE 6.5, spec A.  First time he tried to order it came back as not available.  Turns out that there were 3 available at the factory.  He had to force a manual order and in it came.


Up until I gave my 1970 model onan away I used Engine Masters


They have a lot of NOS parts they bought up and sell them for less than Cummings.  I talked to Jeff he was knowledgeable on the old onans.


Thanks Mate I have a 5000 and a 4000 that run half assed and was ready to us them as boat anchors. Down sick at the moment but when I get back out in the shop I'll give these boys a call. Thanks for that information. :)ThmbUp


This site is a forum for old engines... http://ppeten.com/forums/index.php  may be a source for finding parts.. I used to get some parts and repair stuff from the original http://www.perr.com/  site but the folks running it retired and no longer sell parts.  Info is still there though.

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