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Dodge - Chrysler Chassis / Re: 1970 413 alternator bracke...
Last post by Eyez Open - February 03, 2023, 08:09 PM
Pull your picture up on the phone screen and then take a screen shot. The screen shot pic will post. Screen shots are very small picture  file's.
Dodge - Chrysler Chassis / 1970 413 alternator bracket
Last post by bigskypc50mt - February 03, 2023, 03:15 PM
Anyone parting out a 1970 413. I need the alternator mounting bracket. I kept hearing something chatter under the dog house. Turns out the alt was loose and has been for years. It wore the bolt and the holes on the bracket.

It won't let me post a photo. On a cell can't resize
Hi! New here. I have the same exact rig and same problem. Can anyone tell me if the fuel pump is inside the tank, on top of the tank, or in the front of the engine? Really don't want to have to drop the tank if I don't have to. Tell me somethjn' good! Any manuals available?
Introduce Yourself / Re: SITE UPDATE
Last post by Eyez Open - February 01, 2023, 02:27 PM
Quote from: 73winnebrave on February 01, 2023, 07:24 AMI'm assuming the "top down" you are referring to is when you open up a thread you view the latest post first? That drove me nuts until I clicked the profile icon up top and went into the look and layout. That's where you can reverse it so you start from the beginning on the first page.

Ahh thank you. Recently ive pulled my subfloor up and found a major speed bump....Rust everywhere. I've been meaning to post my bandaids for critical commentary but posting backwards only furthers the brain damage...I shall visit tools section and smooth things out. LMAO I am becoming a bit temperamental.
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Last post by Sasquatch - February 01, 2023, 12:35 PM
It has been almost 3 years now and I have successfully been back and forth from Boise to Arizona a few times and can close down this thread with results. 

Transmission is working perfectly.  I do have to manually switch in and out of OD with a small button on the turn signal stalk.  I do not even think about it now, it is all muscle memory.  But, in mountains I pay attention to the rpm drop and my vacuum gauge to switch out of OD before I really start loading it on hills.  The OD section of these transmissions are not the strongest.

Transmission is staying nice and cool as long as I do not try to pull too steep of a hill in OD.  Again, I just pay attention to it.  I have 2 massive transmission coolers on the front of the radiator.

Speaking of temps, I have the temp probe in the hot side supply line at the spin on filter before the coolers.  After a ton of research I am finding that the proper place to have it is in the sump.  So that is a project I will do this year. 

Driving:  At 65 it lowers the cruise RPMs from 3100 to 2200.  Much quieter and pleasant to drive.  But, I do not think the stock 440 in my heavy Executive would have had enough power to really pull those lower rpms.  Mine has every mod possible without rebuilding the motor (cam, intake, ignition, fuel injection, headers, exhaust, etc., etc.)

Fuel economy:  Here is the sucky part.  No real change over the long haul.  I am usually carrying some weight on a trailer (SXS + Motorcycle), a tow vehicle (5000#), etc., plus, the Executive is much heavier than the Winnebagos.  My 26' is about 16k ready to run.  On legs of the trip where the stars align right I can see 8.5mpg (I pretty constantly run 65mph on cruise control).  In the mountains I only switch to OD going down hills unless I need engine braking, so the MPG is about the same as before.  At the end of the day I am still averaging about 6.5 mpg.  But, and it is a big BUT, it is much more pleasant to drive and I have a ton more power than when it was all stock 30 years ago.  So that is a win.

Would I do it again today?  No.  In fact, I have so much money in my coach from the full interior remodel, to all the suspension, engine and transmission mods I could have EASILY purchased a used, early 2000s diesel pusher and had a better coach all the way around.  I am planning on getting a used pusher to celebrate my graduation from college next year.  I am watching pricing and for the price of a new pickup you can get one heck of a high end diesel from the early 2000s that is pre-emissions, electronic diesel with over 400 hp.  That way I can tow my F250 diesel pickup with the SxS in a "Toy up" bed rack and not have to drive the SxS from the camp ground all while driving faster and get the same fuel mileage.  My father has a 2004 Monaco Executive, 43' with tag axles, 500 HP Cummins ISX and Allison transmission and he gets 6.5 mpg running 75+ mph.  And they drive sooooo nice.  (We drag raced though, and my old Exec beat his up to 65.  Not by much, but it did pull him.)  His was over half a million dollars when he bought it new and if he sold it today it would probably be in the 80-90k range.  Quite a bargain for what it is.

Introduce Yourself / Re: SITE UPDATE
Last post by Mlw - February 01, 2023, 12:25 PM
Great tip!!!  :)ThmbUp  :)ThmbUp  :)ThmbUp
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Last post by Sasquatch - February 01, 2023, 12:05 PM
In your profile you can change the setting and go back to the original view with the new posts at the bottom.
Topics for all Chassis / Re: Tire Pressure 225/70/19.5 ...
Last post by Sasquatch - February 01, 2023, 11:58 AM
Quote from: penskepartyof4 on April 13, 2021, 08:19 PM
Quote from: Blksmk80 on March 15, 2021, 03:27 AMI'm running 225/70R/19.5 bdw-r tires, noticed a great traveling, mileage and traction improvement.

Yes I realize the topics old.

89 chieftain 33ft 454 with 128000 kms  :)clap

Wheels will work fine.  I have been on that setup for 15 years now with my 1976 Executive on a Dodge M500 chassis (2nd set of tires).  Like I stated in my earlier post the tires are a bit shorter which will make the engine rev a bit higher at cruise speeds.  If you have an overdrive it is not an issue.  Before I installed an OD transmission in mine it would run at 3100 rpm at 65 mph and cruise all day.  I would never go back to 8R tires.  The 225s handle so much better.  They are also available anywhere, which is good because I do not carry a spare.  I know I am gambling there, but after owning this coach for almost 30 years I have never needed one so I chance it.

I assume the rims do not have to be changed out just replace tires from  8r19.5 to 225/70r19.5 correct?

I have to pull mine out of pole barn storage soon. Scared to see how it made it through the winter.
Introduce Yourself / Re: SITE UPDATE
Last post by 73winnebrave - February 01, 2023, 07:24 AM
I'm assuming the "top down" you are referring to is when you open up a thread you view the latest post first? That drove me nuts until I clicked the profile icon up top and went into the look and layout. That's where you can reverse it so you start from the beginning on the first page.
Introduce Yourself / Re: SITE UPDATE
Last post by Eyez Open - January 29, 2023, 04:29 PM
I've noticed when uploading a pic you also have to insert the pic into the post. Yes I have a insert tab asking me to do so after the up load.

Now as to these threads building top down that is indeed strange.The new forum is quite nice all in well done I must say.