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Last post by BigAlsVehicleEmporium - September 19, 2023, 02:32 AM
We made it 690 miles from Atlanta to Quincy, IL! It took almost 14 hours so our average speed, including stops, is about 50 mph. That's about what I figured when I planned this trip. Tomorrow I'm going to drive a little slower but we hopefully won't have to stop for an hour and a half at a hardware store, so hoping it'll even out!

Okay, here's the status of the RV. Since my last post I:
-Installed an inverter to power the 120 VAC fridge while going down the road or parked.
- Converted the ignition from points to Pertronix Ignitor III ignition, Flamethrower III coil, and 8.5mm plug wires. Spark plugs are happily gapped at 0.045".
- TIG welded a new bottom on the rear 50 gallon tank, had it sealed, and installed it. It now has  fuel sensor and pickups for the engine & generator. I plumbed both tanks into a dual circuit fuel valve so the engine and generator both pull from the selected tank. This valve also switches the fuel sending unit so the single gas gauge can be used to see the level in whichever tank is selected.
- Added slides rated at 450 lbs to the generator shelf and plopped a Predator 3500 down on it. I put a 30A twist lock plug on the end of the wires going to the old generator and it powers the A/C nicely! But that's it. I haven't wired in any remote start capabilities to the dash switch, it doesn't pull fuel from the fancy fuel valve mentioned above, and I don't have any forced air ventilating that cabinet, so I don't feel comfortable running it with the door closed. Fortunately the weather cooled off the day before the trip and we likely won't need A/C at all.
- Cleaned, flushed, painted and reinstalled the dash heater along with new hoses and a new heater valve. Unfortunately, the heater valve doesn't seem to do much to prevent the flow of coolant no matter the position. Good thing it's been cool and getting colder!
- And lastly, the big one. I swapped the 727 for a 518/46RH. The overdrive version of the 727. This was a huge undertaking, much more than I'd anticipated, even with Sasquatch's great thread on the swap to serveaas a warning. I wouldn't have done it if I'd have known what it would take to get it finished. Even with taking the week before the trip off work to get it done I still had to delay departure by 3 days. That being said, overdrive is AMAZING. It's everything I hoped it would be and more honestly. I used to get 6.5 mpg at 58 mph. On this first leg of the trip I kept the pedal down and averaged 67 mph while getting 6.8 mpg. And it was so much quieter!

Major things that didn't get done:
- Plumbing (at all)
- 12V converter - the only way to charge the house batteries is with the alternator.
- Generator integration - as is it's difficult to use and I probably wouldn't run it while going down the road.
- Door/front passenger side wall repair - The wall forward of the door flaps in the wind. If the passenger drops their cell phone just right it could end up on the highway. The door is attached to the frame with 1.5 hinges.
- Propane appliances - Furnace doesn't work and the oven doesn't work. The water heater doesn't either but that's not important given that there's no water. The stove top does work if lit with a lighter.
- Emergency back up vehicle - I was planning on rebuilding the engine in my 1975 Honda CT90 and bringing it on a carrier on the back. That way if I broke down I'd have a way to go get parts! Alas there wasn't time to get it running.

In the morning I'll post an update on how the trip went, but for now, good night!
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Last post by WinneBaby - September 18, 2023, 01:13 PM
Hey all! Winnebaby here, giving a brief and impromptu update on behalf of Big Al. At around 11AM this morning, Sept. 18, Big Al and his dad Otis rolled out in the Brave and are on their way to Alberta, British Columbia, and finally Seattle. So much has happened since the last update that there just hasn't been time to write it all down for a post. Long story short is, who knew replacing the transmission last minute would take up all available time remaining before departure.  $@!#@!
Big Al may have time to update but there's been so many ups and downs, I'll be impressed if he can get it into just one post.  :)clap  :)clap  :)clap :)clap  :)clap


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Last post by DaveVA78Chieftain - September 17, 2023, 11:11 PM
ONAN EMERALD 1 GenSet 4.O BGE-1R/26101C = Onan 4.0KW BGE Spec C

The manuals are in the Members Area (link above) -> Manuals, Diagrams & Tech Info -> Scroll down to Generators-Onan -> then scroll down to BGE

On BGE Spec A-E; BGEL Spec B-D row:
Operators Manual: 965-0130
Parts Manual: 965-0232
Engine Service Manual: 965-0530
Installation Manual: 0965-0630

As far as wiring connections to the generator to from the RV, they are in the Installation Manual. Use the 60Hz drawing page (page 21), not the 50Hz.
Based on the Parts manual (page 42), the 300-985 remote switch is the standard not the Deluxe version.
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Last post by RockwoodMike - September 17, 2023, 02:34 PM

Here is a long list..I need to find my manuals for my generator..
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Last post by Elandan2 - September 17, 2023, 01:51 PM
Your best bet is to email Winnebago and ask for a copy of the wiring diagrams for your model. They have them on file and can send you a pdf copy via email.
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Last post by Eyez Open - September 17, 2023, 01:02 PM
You might want to update yourself as to what the current market rates are for heavy trucks. And then find one who can actually do the work.

I've been quoted 2500 on r&r a p30 brake system

800 to " install headers"read labor.

A new rear end on the road? 3500/4000. Believe it.
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Last post by Joeyolo - September 17, 2023, 01:01 PM
Help please
Generators / Please help me with my wiring....
Last post by Joeyolo - September 17, 2023, 01:01 PM
Hay everyone  :)clap

:)clap  hay haah haaay  :)clap

I got a 1985 Winnebago chieftain 27 ft RV  all of the wiring came loose on the back of the ONAN EMERALD 1 GenSet 4-OBGE-1R/26101C Remote Control 300-0985. It also comes with the Total Hours Quartz engine clock... I got a Red, BLUE, Green and an Orange wire that comes out from the main Generator that goes to the Remote switch and the Engine Clock.    How do I attach the wires to both items to get them to work Flawless....  please help me

Thank You

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Last post by RockwoodMike - September 17, 2023, 12:56 PM
Quote from: Eyez Open on September 17, 2023, 12:30 PMAs you have said..better now than later.

When you buy a ring and pinion kit, it always comes with the 12 new bolts that hold the big ring to the carrier..Warnings in the service manual to never use the old ones..

There is no new bolts in the kit like the one that snapped..and no mention of replacing them..The big 12 bolts get 110 LBS of torque..this one that snapped is only 70..

I just need to make this as mechanically solid as would cost at least 300 to drag your rig off the freeway..and then to actually fix it??..As old as they are, no junkyard is going to have a replacement..
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Last post by Eyez Open - September 17, 2023, 12:30 PM
When the bolt snapped..Thats a very lonely place to be in.. :shocked: As you have said..better now than later. You just saved many thousands of dollars in the long run..