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Ok, so your mirror directional switch works, but the heating switch doesn't.   I only had 1 vehicle with heated mirrors and it was great to have them because it was my daily driver and always parked outside  (Pennsylvania).

Looking more at the photo, the directional switch looks like one found in just about any vehicle from 20 years ago.  I'm wondering if a heating switch from a larger truck, like a 2500 or 3500 series with the large mirrors would work. 

I don't think I'd spend "ouch" amount of money to try it, but I would consider seeing what I could find for less than half ouch at a junkyard.

Just a thought.

Miscellaneous / Re: Grand Canyon Caverns
« Last post by Oz on Today at 01:32 AM »
Looks kinda like a Clark Cortez, but also not like one.  Maybe a Concord.
Hard to tell.  Appears to be late 1960s. Possibly '70 -71.
Ouch! $70 for a switch?

Exactly what I said when I saw it.
And complete mirror sets?  Yikes! Cost almost as my first Winnebago!
Ouch! $70 for a switch? I live in the desert and I seriously doubt I will ever need heated mirrors. I just don't like looking at anything broken. OCD and all...
Miscellaneous / Grand Canyon Caverns
« Last post by Ray96480 on Yesterday at 09:01 PM »
Saw this at the Grand Canyon Caverns.  anyone know the make and year?
Do you have the switch?
As skloon pointed out, if you do, having the part number off it would be very helpful.

Without that, one can only guess at what switch is the correct one.

But here's one I found on eBay:
A picture of the mirror and switch would be handy. ???

Ask and ye shall receive...

Mine's a '74 D24 Indian.
Using a toggle switch for both tanks is a good idea, as long as you always remember to switch the guage over to the one you're actually using.  Unless you combine the guage selector switch function with the tank selector switch, which would be really nifty.

But, you said you removed the aux tank and are going to use the space for something else...
Hey thanks a lot I really appreciate it!
When I hook up the second tank I might put a three-way switch and use the same gauge for both tanks.. assuming that the second tank will have the same ohms.
So you have an Indian model?
 I think that's the same size as mine only I think the rocker panel is shorter and maybe you have the 5 lugs and there's an extra vent  windows in the back. I think your front grills has more rails in them too.
I know where there's one sitting and it has the 440. I keep my eye on it for when I ever get a muscle car.... the guy's been renting it for the past 20 years and says it'll never move because he likes it as an apartment😄
Dodge - Chrysler Chassis / Re: Fuel tank sending unit info needed '75 M300 please.
« Last post by Oz on October 29, 2020, 03:47 AM »
"I want to get a fuel gauge instead of using a stick, although the stick is accurate."
 :D :D :D

Stock Dodge ohm value for gas gauge is 10 ohms (full) to 73 ohms (empty).

Fuse rating = (watts/volts) x 1.25
Say the calculated fuse rating is 2.2679 amps, use a 3 amp fuse. Say the calculated fuse rating is 4.9431 amps, use a 5 amp fuse.
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