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Title: Need Shift cable for Dodge
Post by: The_Handier_Man1 on November 24, 2008, 12:02 AM
From: xjghost  (Original Message)
Sent: 4/15/2004 7:41 PM

Need some help I have been looking for a shifter cable for a 73 Bago Brave
if anybody can help it would be great. The cable is about 8and 1/2 foot
long and it is for a 727 trans here are a coulpe pictures.

From: denison
Sent: 4/15/2004 8:52 PM

I have the parts catalog that Should cover your chassis, and unfortunately its not really clear. The part is listed in section 21, the transmission section, as a Cable,Control. For my 1972 chassis (under a coach titled as a 73) the part is mopar # 3641309. This catalog shows two parts numbers for shifter cables, one covering the 69-70, the other part number covering the 71-72. but there is nothing specifically for the 73s through 77s. Maybe it is just the later part number, 3641309. I just cant be sure.
I would try to get the cable locally. I think it was about the same one used in a lot of Dodge trucks, even the little A100 vans from the 60s, all of the pickup trucks and vans -- so there should be a demand for them from the large base of old Dodge vehicles. The only difference might be in what the ends look like. Have the old cable with you, and the mopar # above. I think you would only have luck at places that supply parts for commercial vehicles, or at speed shops, or specialize in mopar items; not in the retail places that sell car radios and neon mood lights.
If you don't have any luck locally, you could try getting a speed shop to make one up - again you might have to do a little adapting at the ends. Or you could see if is able to get it. He sells mopar OEM parts at prices much lower than the dealers, and he is able to find parts the dealers don't have the listings for anymore. I have bought from him several times. I believe there are others specializing in mopar items, but he is the only one I know of.
He works best from the mopar part number, but give him your chassis series and the date the chassis was made too. I got a shifter cable from him over a year ago. With shipping it cost $108 back then. I pay him with money orders. Then of course there are the salvage yards. If you got one from there you would need to lube it and exercise it thoroughly before installation, so it would not kink and break too.
And of course you could look on ebay. A mopar shifter cable sold on ebay in the last 6 months, but I forget what if they listed its length. good luck, and please let us know where you finally get one. And if you others are reading this - shift carefully. If you kink that cable you will be needing one as well. Remember - putting it into park is Pushing on the cable, and that is when it kinks!

From: DaveVa78Chieftain
Sent: 4/15/2004 10:45 PM

Maybe I just have a later parts book, however the correct P/N is 3641309.  It is listed for all A727 transmission P/N's from 71 to 77.  The 2830500 one only applies  for transmission P/N's 2953738 (318) and 2961920 (413) used in 69 and 70.
Hope this helps,

From: Sea Hag
Sent: 4/16/2004 9:07 AM

The first part number both Dave's gave you is correct from what I can decipher  also - I plan on going to Beloit , WI a week from now to remove a stearing colum from a 74 dodge MH chassis for my 76 chief  and a few other dash and chassis parts , if he accepts my offer . It's from the guy selling the 440 3 W/ 727 trans on Ebay . I have contacted him and he may be parting out the chassis ( I have a bid on the shurflow pump he listed ).  If you want to make an offer for the cable - email me rs232(omit)  (leave out the (omit)  ) and I will ask about the cable when I call him or go up there . It's two hours one way so I don't plan on alot of trips and I'm not sure yet how long he will have it around or if he will take parts off for you and ship them . he listed the engine as "You Remove " - He also has a note to contact him for any MH parts on his Ebay motor listing   . we will see what happens and I will post an update when I know more -  Sea Hag 
Title: Re: Need Shift cable for Dodge
Post by: wild child on November 18, 2010, 05:44 PM
I have a 1980 winnebago 26ft brave. the shifter cable is seized. I have read the other posts about this, i saw a part number for one through a international dealer on here, just wondering if that is the one i need.
Title: Re: Need Shift cable for Dodge
Post by: DaveVA78Chieftain on November 19, 2010, 09:02 AM
I meant to look in my 78-79 parts manual last night to see if the Dodge P/N was still the same as what is listed in the Shifter thread ( (  Far as I know it is therfore the International dearler source is still valid.  I will verify that tonight unless someone beats me to it.

Title: Re: Need Shift cable for Dodge
Post by: DaveVA78Chieftain on November 19, 2010, 09:57 PM
Still shows 3641309 for 1979 so the International alternative should work ok.

Title: Re: Need Shift cable for Dodge
Post by: basicfish on July 21, 2021, 09:48 AM
Wanted to add some new information to this post, to help anyone with their dodge chassis shift cable search.
I checked the international part numbers we the local Navistar dealer, they are not longer available.
For my M500 440/727 1977 Travco, I used the B&M cable. And in five miles it melted from the heat from the headders. It worked great up to that point.
I will update when the heat/melting issues are solved.