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Title: Maiden Voyage
Post by: joanfenn on September 13, 2011, 10:28 AM
After a few short trips in our "New" motorhome we decided to take a couple of weeks off and hubby could finally get some fishing time in.  The old girl preformmed great.  Anything that went wrong was our fault.   Brakes overheating and seizing up.  Gave us time for lunch in the middle of the road W%.  Running out of propane because of a faulty wire.  Fridge door handle falling off (it is 25 years old and it is only plastic after all.)  Fuse kept blowing on radio.  Probably another loose wire.  The weather was great and at this time of year up here the campgrounds were pretty well empty.  We didn't go to far from home ( only four hours away to the mountains) so we had plenty of time to relax.  The last time we took her out the month before, we ended up going to Manitoba and back so that was all driving and no relaxing.  This was totally different.  The river was only 20 feet behind us and hubby caught a lot of whitefish :)clap.  I kept a log of the milage we put on since we bought her this year and and with all the little short trips we took it has added up to 3723 miles.  The fuel consumption was 378 gallons so with my calculations she was getting 9.88 miles per gallon Hm?.  Not bad for something that is 32 feet long and weighs 14000 lbs fully loaded.  We haven't even taken our trailer out this year because the motorhome has been great.  Can't wait to take her out again next year.  We will be winterizing her soon.  Still haven't finished waxing her but will do that soon.  Took off most of the old peeling stripes with a stripping wheel and acetone.  Considering painting her next year (at least new stripes).  Probably think of a few other things to do over the winter.  Things should settle down here soon and I should get pictures up.  Have to thank everyone for all the great tips I have used on this site.  I am very happy I joined this group. :)ThmbUp
Title: Re: Maiden Voyage
Post by: tiinytina on September 15, 2011, 06:48 AM
9.88 is outstanding! and we are glad to have you here as well...
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