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Title: Introduction from Europe
Post by: Mlw on September 29, 2021, 02:10 PM
Hi, I'm Marc from the Netherlands. After a few thousends of kilometers traveling thru Covid-infested Europe, I finally found myself a RV I liked, a 1979 C-Class Winnebago Minnie Winnie.

It was sold as a fixer-upper, but after a month of working hard I found that's quite the understatement and the previous owner was somebody who would made Tim "the toolman" Taylor look like a cunning professional.  N:(

The Heater you isolate with sound isolation so more heat comes out of the air hoses. You just stuff the space the heater is in untill there is no room left, Only problem, the stuff doesnt like dry heat an disintegrate so all hot air hoses are now full with the stuff. Cleaning it up was also a real chalenge cause as soon you touched the stuff it fell apart. $@!#@!

When your ceiling is sagging you just get on the roof and shoot the screws straight thru it and put a big blob of caulk over it. Cleaning the surface first? that's for dummies. leakage due to faling caulk you repair by shooting new caulk over it.  W%

Cleaning the carpet? Why bother. When the carpet gets dirty you just throw a rug  over it, and if that gets dirty... :)

But the worst the guy also dug into the vehicles electrics... need to say more??? ???

But the good thing, everything he couldn't or wouldn't touch works excellently and the the Rv's outside, apart from the cab) is still shining like a diamond in a goats bum (as Richard Rawlings would like to say). The chassis is in excellent shape, the engine runs strong although it desperatly needs every gasket to keep the oil in the enging exept the head gasket.

So i will have a long road ahead of me and a lot of cursing the former owner but when i'm done it will be our own little piece of paradise and i can't wait to go "on the road again".

At the right parts of the forum you will find the story of the RV by me asking for help and tips, as far as it isn't allready on here somewhere.

Hope to speak to you soon...

Title: Re: Introduction from Europe
Post by: Oz on September 30, 2021, 07:36 AM
Doesn't look too shabby for a fixer upper. Not at all. 
Love your insights on "repairs", lol!  :D0

Welcome to the group.   Looking forward to hesring about your Europen adventures!

 :) :)ThmbUp
Title: Re: Introduction from Europe
Post by: Mlw on September 30, 2021, 12:33 PM
Thanks OZ,

It is definitely salvageable. Like I said, things the former owner didn't touch still work like a dream after 42 years, so it's either very good or very bad.

I will make it all good again, it will be quite the adventure, and most importantly, it keeps you off the streets what is a good thing nowadays. ;)