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1977 Winnebago Brave D21 (Dodge 440-3)
I bought my rig for $1500. I named him 'Clark' in honor of the Chevy Chase movie 'Christmas Vacation'.
1977 Brave (D21) - Interior
This will serve as the Before & After shots.
My Brave was pretty clean when I got it just needing some touch ups & minor repairs for the most part.
To make him truely 'road worthy', there are a few major projects.
1977 Winnebago Brave - Dodge 440-3 Engine
The Power-Plant. This beast was COVERED in a thick layer of grease, grime and dirt. As is, it passed the 'Smog Test' that is required here in Nevada. It sounds great but I'd really like to concentrate my efforts to make this puppy hum.
Stuff Behind Doors
What's behind there...?
Stickers & Decals
Stickers & Decals from around the body and interior.

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