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Air ride seats
Not happy with a bumpy ride?
Install Air Ride Seat pedestals.
$75 each from a truck boneyard, some mount fabrication, a small air compressor,

Now you ride on air.  

Have been using this seat system for ten years and 30,000 miles and it is the best upgrade I have made to my RV.
Laminate used on interior surfaces
Covered walls and cabinets with carefully cut laminate.
Custom touches to my 1969 Brave
I machined this hood ornament out of 1" thick billet aluminum. Then polished it with progressive sandpaper up to 2000 grit. Then 22k Gold Leafed it.   Also added LED lights on both sides on its pedestal.  Many hours into this silly thing. RV being prepped for paint now and when done, I will install it.
My repairs to the 1969 D18
Cool Camper pics

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