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Started by Smeds, March 01, 2023, 10:12 AM

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Hello all!  Last year my wife and I sold our "glamper", a travel trailer with all the amenities, and picked up a 1971 Travco 270.  Going back old school.  We bought it, and within a week threw it into storage due to an upcoming winter storm.

With the net proceeds of the sale/buy, we plan on upgrading a lot of things to make the start/stop/go issues non-issues.  Steering, suspension, probably axle swaps to allow for easier brake servicing, a hyrdoboost from hydrovac conversion, and maybe an EFI carb.  The bottom end of the engine was rebuilt 6 years ago, and the tranny then too. 

My wife is convinced I've lost my mind ... and she may be right, but with forums/resources like this one it should be easier (to fix, not to lose my mind).


Well, if you have lost your mind, you're definitely in the right place!
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Eyez Open

I've have a 2yr head start on you, actually in the final stages of completion. Speaking of crazy I am shopping heated flooring as i type here...  ???

Eyez Open