Question on my 72 Travco 270 rear brakes

Started by pwoudenberg, February 14, 2023, 01:56 PM

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I am having a rough time trying to find parts for this.   So far the reference materials I've found are not a match for the parts I need.   I have always had great success with Dave 78 Chieftan site, but for some reason in this case the reference info is not correct, and I can't find any alternatives.   
Looking for the hardware kit.  Also I already purchased the Napa part 24489 which is not the correct WC. Happy to sell them to someone who needs them.
I've attached some pictures...   I need 1 3/8 bore WC, and Hardware spring kit. 


Contact Geoff at

Over 35 years in the business and KNOWS his old Dodge RV brake parts.  He's been serving our members ever since day 1.
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Yep, he's the one to go to, but be prepared for news you don't want to hear.

I have the 1979 Minnie Winnie and untill now the brake drums are not available anymore Next to this i'm getting more and more wholesale notices from Rock Auto for seals and rubbers, so getting spare parts for you oldtimer is getting more and more necessary.

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A lot of Travco 270's were placed on the M375 chassis.  One thing though, each RV mfg had to buy the chassis early so, your 72 Travco 270 is most likely on a 71 M375 chassis.

My research says for a most of the M375 chassis' rear brakes:

Left side wheel cylinder:
Dodge P/N: 3633311
NAPA P/N:  UP37670 (diagonal mounting holes 1 3/8")
EBAY: 3633311 (diagonal mounting holes 1 3/8")

Right side wheel cylinder:
Dodge P/N: 3633312
NAPA P/N: UP 37669 (diagonal mounting holes 1 3/8")
EBAY: 3633312 (diagonal mounting holes 1 3/8")

Bendix and centric both indicate both sides use the same P/N wheel cylinder but there are 2 different styles:
1 3/8" bore with diagonal mounting holes
Bendix P/N: E139-72-016
Centric P/N: 134.62005

1 5/8" bore with horizontal mounting holes
Bendix P/N: E139-67-010
Centric P/N: 134.67011

Hardware Kits are listed on Centric as 118.68003 however that looks like its for a the later 74 and later M300/M400 chassis/

The M375 Bendix Twinplex Brake System used a different mounting and adjuster mechanism then the later 74 and up M300/M400 Bendix Duo-Servo systems.

As far as the 1979 Mini-Winnie chassis, on EBAY there are typically rear brake drums for the CB/MB-300 (1 ton Dodge P/N 3496563 12"x3") chassis and occasionally the
CB/MB-400 chassis (1.5 ton Dodge P/N 4089100 13"x 3.5") chassis.