Micro 4K choke adjust procedure

Started by udidwht, April 15, 2023, 11:39 PM

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The following is for the Micro 4k...

The correct method for choke adjustment is as follows:

1. Allow the gen set to cool down. The inside of the choke housing needs to be the same as ambient temp.

2. Loosen the adjustment screw holding the adjustment plate.

3. Slowly rotate the adjustment plate until the bi-metal choke shaft connection is visible in the sight window. This is the correct setting for ambient temperature of 70 F (21 C) If the ambient temperature is higher or lower than 70 F (21 C), make a mark on the choke coil housing opposite the center mark on the adjustment plate. Each mark on the adjustment plate is equal to 10 F (12.2 C) of difference from 70 F (21 C). If it is warmer than 70 F (21C), rotate the plate clockwise. If the temperature is less than 70 F (21 C), rotate the plate counterclockwise. Tighten the adjustment screw.

Example: If the ambient temperature is 90 F(32 C), rotate the adjustment plate two marks clockwise from the 70 F (21 C) position marked on the housing.

4.Move the choke lever back and forth to check for free movement. Verify that the choke does not bind or stick.

5. Done.

One can use either the video camera on their phone or a snake camera that connects to your phone to view into the sight window on the generator choke housing.

Such as the following: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=snake+cam...f=nb_sb_noss_1

For manuals:

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