Testing & Tech Articles

Document Description
Gemmer Steering Adjustment (128kb) How to adjust the Ford Gemmer steering steering box, includes steering problem troubleshooting.
The 10 Minute Mechanic (35mb) Hundreds of how-tos, tips and tricks for the RVer covering a wide range of nifty ideas to improve your Rving experience and cure those annoying, common problems.
Selecting Test & Tune-up Equipment (444Kb) What to look for and what to avoid when buying tune-up & test equipment.
Battery Charger/Discharged Battery Basics (968Kb) Basic information of what causes a discharged battery, if it can be restored, and basic battery charger operation.
Battery & Starter Testing (2.82Mb) Using the Battery/Starter Tester to check the battery and starter systems. This may indentify problems which may otherwise gone undiscovered
Battery Testing: Electrolyte Charge Level (956Kb) Battery basics. Using a Hydrometer to test the electrolyte condition.
Battery Troubleshooting Tree (91Kb) Trouble shooting tree to determine if your dead or dying battery is the problem, or if there is a drain somewhere else.
Charging System Test (5Mb) Using an AGR Tester for a complete Charging system tests: alternator & DC generator systems, voltage regulator, distributor voltage loss & ignition system.
Compression Testing (1Mb) Compression testers, how to use, how to read, what they will tell you about the conditon of your engine.
Coolant/Antifreeze Testing (765Kb) Using a Hydrometer to test the condition of your coolant/antifreeze.
Cooling System Pressure Test (1.61Mb) How a cooling system works, why it's pressurized, testing for leaks and possible causes.
Electronic Ignition Servicing (544Kb) Electronic Ignition Servicing for early Dodge EI systems.
Chrysler Electronic Ignition System
moparignition.pdf of CW Post (923Kb)
Description and troubleshooting the Chrysler Electronic Ignition System.
Point Ignition Testing (1Mb) How to use a dwell tachometer and tests to perform on points distributor ignition systems.
Fuel Gauge Troubleshooting: '73-'75 (133Kb) Article on how to track down and cure those common fuel gauge problems.
How Does Steering Work? (461Kb) Article describing what each straight axle component is, how it works and how to troubleshoot the steering system.
The Gemmer Steering Box (128Kb) Article describing the Gemmer Style Steeing Box used in most modern applications, how it works and how to troubleshoot/adjust the steering box if necessary.
MAD Technical Articles Good selection of electrical based background and improvement articles.
MAD Workshop Tips Several tips for making life easier around the work shop.

Using a Multimeter for Automotive Troubleshooting
Several tips for making life easier around the work shop.

From Dave78Chieftain: Most clamp on current meters can only measure AC current. Because the clamp on portion can monitor both AC and DC current, my personal preference is the inexpensive Sears DC multimeter:
Craftsman Digital Clamp-On Ammeter
Measures AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current (40A/400A), Temperature, Ohms, Capacitance, Frequency, Diode tester, etc.
You simply will not find one cheaper that does all this.
Generator / inverter / Shore Power - AC Volts, AC Current, Frequency
Alternator / Converter / Solar - DC Volts and DC Amps (up to 400A)
Air Conditioner - Volts AC Current and air Temeprature
Changing split-rim tires (368Kb) How to dismount and mount split rim wheels and tires. Includes solid rim (Budd), plit ring, and split (cracked)rims. Tools, methods, inspection, safety. Complete with photos.