Author Topic: Working from your RV?  (Read 12105 times)

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Re: Working from your RV?
« Reply #25 on: October 23, 2019, 05:50 PM »
 :)  Okay I saw this and figured I'd start some action. 

I am brand new to full time RVing but not to working remotely.

I build websites and blog! Realistically if I put in 40 50 hours a week I can get it rockin. I went for a 1 year stretch doing that and was up to 2000 grand a month but it doesn't feel better than a job LOL

I slowed down and the streams slowed down but I am happier. The website building is great and there is a free trial at

I also do youtube but no longer have a stream of income from them because I don't have enough subscribers or watch time under the new 2018 rules lol it was only 100 a month at it's best but I am starting a new video creation adventure. If ya wanna see it  go to

Stay away from anything that says you only have to do 5 hrs a week LOL

I have already moved into my land Yacht , a 1990 Winnebago Elandan 37. Have a week under my belt and I have had some interesting fun already with the yacht LOL electrical fun, chassis fun yeeha :)clap :D  This is a great ride watch me now! W% :)ThmbUp :)rotflmao

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Re: Working from your RV?
« Reply #26 on: October 26, 2019, 10:49 AM »
Capt Dennis,

OT: Your parallels are too glaring to ignore... I too am a (former) Captain though I flew airfreight in a DC-9 not on the road or water. My rig now is a Itasca Windcruiser, the slightly upgrade version of your Elandan. And if that’s not enough, my name is Dennis as well.

Back to the main topic...  My wife and I have been working remotely doing support  work for a product I developed for a company I used to work for. The support work is done via computer so it doesn’t matter where we’re located as long as we can get internet access to send/receive files - the work is done offline. This support work has slowed to a  trickle, so we’re looking to add bookkeeping for small companies that can’t support f/t staff. Again this work is done remotely and is location independent.
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