Author Topic: Propane system mod to add capacity  (Read 46 times)

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Propane system mod to add capacity
« on: March 20, 2020, 01:20 AM »
My 1997 Warrior has a pretty small propane tank. If I  have any extended stay guests, I may run short. And as I have a spare 100lb tank on my property - I thought I may as well be able to tap into it.
Called my local shop and he had all the parts waiting. This new setup has a male bullnose one end and a female on the other end, along with 2 other fittings on the other branches of the “cross” fitting. One for the new inlet supply, and another for an outdoor stove.
So undo existing bullnose with attached regulator and LP supply hose, and insert this new setup in between, upstream of existing regulator.
The trouble is that it extends the whole original system back about 4 inches and hangs everything off the new setup.
Too much leverage for my liking.
I’ve disassembled the new setup, swapped some ports around, and now all I need is a good 1/4” hex nipple and I’m done.
With the same setback as before and a few spare parts.
Pics soon from my PC. IPAD always gets em sideways....
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