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Arizona, 2020!

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Winter vacation is officially over, so thus begins a new chapter!

We just finished opening weekend at the Arizona Renaissance Festival...and it was as expect...Meh.  Just like every opening weekend here.  Next weekend will probably me more of the same...and then we'll start making some real money.  We did okay, but it is pretty cold for Arizonians this time of year, and the first two weekends are the "bargain" weekends, kids free and two for one tickets.  So sales are usually pretty low.  We did okay though...slightly better than last year's opening weekend.

Tomorrow morning I have to ship out some catapults, and then get a few parts for the 1981 Ford F-100 we just acquired...like front wheel bearings and brake pads, and a valve cover gasket.  It is supposed to rain pretty bad tomorrow morning, so tomorrow I'm just going to get the parts, and materials for this week's catapult run.

I'm also going to go to Scottsdale, AZ and pick up the camper shell I found for the Ford...it will actually fit (99" long by 73" wide), and is a pretty nice one for a good price.  I'm really digging OfferUp DOT com...WAY better than Craigslist, and easier to get in contact with sellers and buyers. 


I just got a VERY good package deal on three service manuals:  Clymers, Haynes, and Chiltons manuals for my 1981 Ford F-100 truck.  All three manuals, delivered, for less than I could buy a Haynes manual at Autozone.  Only the Clymers is in good used condition...the other two were advertised as new condition.  I'm pretty happy getting all three for 25 bucks, delivered!


The camper shell is acquired! And it a is Leer!  Limo tint all around, moon windows, a 4 sets of slider windows with screens on the sides, two per side.  It came off a mid '80s F-150 longbed, and the angle where it meets the cab is perfect...and the slider window mates up perfectly with the rear slider on the truck.  100 bucks!  SWEET!!!  No keys, but since it is a Leer, locksets are readily available.

It is more of a silver/gold color and doesn't match the truck...but it doesn't look horrible.  When we have the truck eventually painted (the same factory eggshell yellow tan), we'll have them paint the shell to match.  No cracks at all!


c farmer:
Found it.  I will be following along.


--- Quote from: c farmer on February 10, 2020, 08:03 PM ---Found it.  I will be following along.

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Thanks!  It can get pretty boring though...lol!



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