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Summer Vacation, 2019

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So now begins another chapter.

We are on vacation until the end of September...thus the summer vacation title.  Close enough!

We are currently at an RV park directly and literally across the street from my wife's son's house...to visit him, his wife, and her grandkids.  Awesome people!

The driveway for the RV park is literally right across the street from their driveway.

It used to be called Toye Recreation.  It is now called Woodland Trails campground.

The pups loved jumping in the water today, and it is awesome to visit Patti's kin without being an imposition. 

We'll be here for about a week...and then we are going to Virginia Beach to visit my daughter and three grandsons...the youngest of which I haven't even met yet.

It should be a great month off from Renfaires!


c farmer:
Watching your journey. 


--- Quote from: c farmer on August 26, 2019, 09:02 PM ---Watching your journey. 

--- End quote ---

Thanks!  And if you are watching and notice that we are near you...either on vacation or at a Renfaire, let us know!  We can have coffee if on vacation, or we can usually get a few free tickets if we are working at a Faire.  This applies to ALL CWVRV members.


c farmer:
Woodland that your talking about is in Jersey,  I have a woodland here about 30 miles from here

We are having a great and relaxing visit with my wife's son and family, and they sure did clean up this RV park since we were here last!  Wow!

We also found a local blinds/curtain shop that is replacing the strings on our rear blinds in the bedroom, since they were wearing out.  35 bucks for the pair, so not bad!  They should be ready any day now

I'm also going to look for a local glass shop that can make a hinged tempered smoked glass door for the opening where the big CRT television lives over the cockpit in the front, since we don't use it and it is heavy.  That way we could get rid of the TV up front, and use that cabinet for linen storage.  Depending on what we get quoted for a turn around time, that project may have to wait until we arrive in NC.  We'll see!



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