Author Topic: Mystery vacuum lines, wires and broken cruise/signal lever  (Read 305 times)

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I recently purchased a 1978 Jamboree Rallye and I need some help with the mechanical aspect. I have never worked on an older engine like this 360 so I apologize now for my ignorance. I have attached 4 images with questions regarding what I require assistance with. I appreciate anyone that takes time to help me out, I look forward to being apart of your community!

Picture #1: There is a wire that's just dangling a long with 2 vacuum hose ports without any lines running to them. What part is that, do I need the wire and hoses hooked up to it?

Picture #2: There is a vacuum line with a T running to nothing. Where does this feed into, also do I need to run a 2nd line somewhere?

Picture #3 There is a vacuum line hanging right by the transmission,  I have been having problems with delayed gear shifting along with it randomly going into neutral randomly while driving. Could this be the culprit, also where do I attach it?

Picture #4:  The turn signal/cruise control lever was broken off, how do I go about re attaching it or is there a part I need to buy?

Thanks again for all the help!!

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Re: 1978 Jamboree Rallye
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2019, 09:03 AM »
Easy one first, the turn signal arm will need to be replaced, it is held with a screw just inside where you see it broken off. The steering wheel will need to come off. The lines on the other hand are tough because of what appears to be differing camera angles, one looks like it is upside down? There should be no open vacuum lines, that said a lot of the times emissions controls are disconneceted and lines are plugged but I can't really see what your lines lead to to be of much help. An open line is usually a vacuum leak and that is bad. It looks like a custom air cleaner on there and normally there would have been at least two lines going to the factory air cleaner for air temp sensors.


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