Author Topic: 78 Winnebago Brave - Dodge 360 Replacement Alternator and Regulator  (Read 197 times)

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Always a treat trying to find a vintage engine in the parts store's computer!  To date, I've had luck using "Town and Country".  Today, I bought a voltage regulator and ordered an alternator at Napa Auto Parts.  I think they found the former under "NewYorker" and the latter under "LeBaron" or vice versa.  Anyway, the regulator is in and I have no doubt from front and back photos that the 60 amp alternator is an exact match (single pulley).  Therefore, I'm sharing the Napa part no's:
Alternator: 213-2022Regulator: VR38SB
My regulator is mounted on a vertical plate at the rear of the engine.  Hope this helps someone.

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I'm sure you'll find that almost any 78 Dodge Truck w/360 part will work for what's needed in the parts department.


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