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Author Topic: Why should I not eventually buy one of these?  (Read 9 times)

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Why should I not eventually buy one of these?
« on: Today at 11:09 AM »
I want one.. If I could just buy any MH I wanted it would be one of these.. Late 80's- early 90's
Link for pics..

Not that one in specific but they are out there for that price. $45k

If/when the time is right to be serious about RVing, likely full time, why not buy one of these things?

They seem far away better than most anything else you can get for under/around $50k.
They are extremely solid construction with a drivetrane and chassis designed to be maintained for a million miles, literally.

I think one of these would absolutely last FOREVER with proper care and would be the most likely to skate past RV park age restrictions and never look dated.
They will probably safely tow more than any other RV. They will fly down the road at or above the speed limit better than any other RV. They have the legendary 8V92 Detroit diesel engines and Allison transmissions.
Even the coach mechanicals, electronics, and plumbing are on a whole other level of quality, no cheap crap. 

The cons?
Higher drivetrane maintenance costs. When it breaks it will be more expensive to fix but should be maintainable to last literally forever.
More expensive tires that would probably age out before they wear out. Slightly worse gas mileage. No slides.

But what else are you going to get for a serious RV around $50k? Junk!!
They are all flimsy floppy boxes that will fall apart and be trash in 10 years and not realistically maintainable for the rest of my life like I think a real bus would be.

Doesn't that just make you drool? Twin EGTs!

Look at the pics of the switchgear and monitoring gear (gauges) in these things. They are like aircraft quality with real quality switches and gauges for everything.

Most of them I look at even have copper plumbing, diesel generators, etc.
That generator is a sailboat engine and you can get all the parts for it easily, everything..
Everything is just top notch quality, done right in the first place, everything.. No cheap chincy crap just high quality everything that could be maintained and fixed to last forever unlike almost anything else on the market..

These will probably hold their value close to the best as well. The depreciation is already gone.
Say you even got a good deal on a relatively newer $50k range RV. Even if you take great care of it but actually use it for 10-15 years, what will you have then?
It would probably just be plane worn out, falling apart, and worth very little.. Try putting 200k or 300k miles on and live in a regular RV  fulltime for 10-15 years. Even if you could make it last that long it would be worth basically nothing at that point.

A lot of the newer stuff has likely out-of-my-league complex electronic systems, but made up of lower quality parts, for example. 
One of these older things is going to have simpler understandable systems (though their are many) without the latest insane electronics all made of high quality replaceable components.
All the switches are real switches, gauges are real gauges, they are actually labeled.

Look at that.. That's the right way to do it..
That's the way you do it in the oilfield, or in the military, or in industry. It's not a toy..

If you wanted to do it once and do it right. Buy once cry once, for a longterm plan, wouldn't one of these be the way to go?

Maybe it's just personal preference and what does it for you..
The quality of every last system and all of the componentry does it for me. Those switches are beautiful.
The polished stainless steel exterior does it for me.. That's doing it right..
That engine does it for me.. They aren't JUST an 8V92 but they are the top of the line Silver series 8V92 at over 400 HP stock and have insane tuning potential.
It's not really the interiors that do it for me.. I actually don't like half of them but it's not something I care that much about.

What do you think?

That's all for the rant right now I suppose..
In reality my Rambler is still solid and always improving. I've made a lot of it pretty nice.

I'm pretty sure I'm picking up another MH here soon.
I believe it is an 1987 fleetwood southwind p30 with a very good 454 and everything is in nice shape but it is delam hell. Absolutely unrepairable. Such a shame, so it is is just parts and/or storage until I'm done with it and tell the junkyard to come get it.
That's what has me thinking motorhomes lately..

Rick, it's crazy what happened to your house!
And Kevin, it's crazy what happened to your driveshaft!!


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