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Arizona 2019!!!

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Time for a new chapter!  We are all hooked up and set up in camp, and the workshop is all set up.  We are getting ready for our season at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, and we have a lot of catapults to build!

I'll be doing little projects on the RV and some repairs as we go, and experimenting with things like the leveling jacks, etc.  And I will include lots of pictures!

That is it for now...I've got to get to work cutting out parts!


In between building catapults, I did manage to do a couple of things to the RV.  First, I made a leg for the computer desk.  The desk isn't really made to be used full time, especially with my relatively heavy Panasonic Toughbook laptop that I use...so now it is stable and all the weight is supported.  The leg screws off and can be stowed in the desk when it is folded up for travel.

The used Atwood hot water heater propane control valve also arrived today, so I had time to install it and clean off the soot (again) from the hot water heater.  It works with no gas leaks...so we'll see if it soots up again or not.  If it does soot up again, then my next task would be to replace the regulator on the propane tank itself (process of elimination).  But so far, the water heater is working and the flame is a consistent blue.

I also scored a 35 gallon Thetford tote tank on Craigslist, new in the box, for 125.00 (I sold my remaining 7.62x54r ammo to a buddy of mine, since none of my guns are that caliber anymore, for 125.00).  SWEET!!!  The gray water is easy to get rid of, but the black tank is almost full (not bad for almost 2 weeks of use), so the tote tank will allow us to go 2 weeks between having the RV tanks pumped out (which is good, since those thieves are charging 65.00 a pop to pump out the tanks!).

I'll take some pictures soon and post them up!


Kevin did the views on Go Fund Me work for you. I am getting shares and donations but 0 for views?

You're saying $60 to pump out your tank. Is it a vac truck? Are you boondocking or something else?

Hey Postman.  I don't really remember the number of views on GoFundMe and have since taken down the campaign since we are all set now.

The sanitation/porta-potty company that services the Arizona Renaissance Festival charges us vendors and participants 65.00 each time they pump out our RV tanks.  Renting a big tank from them is also highway robbery at 400.00 a month plus 150.00 each time they pump out the big tank.  No thank you!  They are a bunch of thieves, but we have no choice if we want to use our own RV bathrooms...and those crooks know it.


Yay!  All the catapults and trebuchets are built and set up in the booth, and we are ready for opening day tomorrow!  Great weather predicted!

The used propane control valve on the Atwood hot water heater seems to be working fine, with no soot!  Before we leave I'll buy and install a new one, as well as new thermostat thingies...the used one was just to eliminate a component without spending 80 bucks on a new one if that wasn't the problem.



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