Author Topic: On the hunt for a good wired Backup Camera  (Read 684 times)

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On the hunt for a good wired Backup Camera
« on: May 19, 2018, 11:57 PM »
Decided it would be prudent to add a backup camera to the Amerigo while I've got her fully opened up, so I'm looking for some more recent wired camera options folks have been using.   

I went through the one entry we have in the University post, but the camera and details go back to 2006, so a little dated.   

I'm also hoping to find a unit that can be wired up to use a trailer plug to connect between the truck and the camper for ease of disconnect.   

Depending on how many wires it needs, I might be able to combine it with the Intercom unit using the same plug (unique pins for each).

One suggestion I've already received, but am waiting back on how that particular forum member from that forum has his wired for the disconnect between his truck and camper, currently has me intrigued. 

Quote from: NMDriver2
I have two weatherproof bullet security cameras from Amazon ($15/Pair), 7 in LCD Monitor ($30), and two 25ft and two 50 ft sets of cables ($25/4 x 4 wire cables). Each camera uses 3 wires (power, ground, video), in the cable. I have a 5er so I run the two 50ft 3 wire cables from the cameras to the hitch where I plug them into the two 25ft 3 wire cables to get up to my monitor. I do have to unplug a number of jacks but they are all taped together and labeled so it is not a big issue. When I am not pulling the boat behind the 5er I can plug the cameras into the 25ft cables and use them as backup/hitch cameras for the truck or to monitor the boat, utility trailer or what ever is back there being towed. The cameras and monitor are both 12 volt so power is easy.



So far, I kind of like this idea, as it would be fairly simple to wire for, just need to get a video cable with the necessary BNC Connectors on the ends, though I haven't found a good source for a through-bulkhead connector for the outside of the camper for the umbilical cable, as however this connects will need to be able to survive driving rain and normal pickup truck use.
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