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Chevy (GMC) / Re: Mostly just saying hi
« Last post by Rickf1985 on Today at 07:10 PM »
I will agree on all of the rubber parts but oil does not go bad like gas from age. What could happen is you could get water in the crankcase from condensation in that climate. If the oil was not milky after running then you don't have water in it. An oil change is always a good idea on any used vehicle though. All rubber should be replaced, hoses, gas lines, belts, tires. with that mileage the engine should be in good shape mechanically so stop thinking of taking it all apart. Clean oil, new plugs and wires and a new PCV valve. With that mileage the air cleaner is probably not even dirty but I would replace it, they may have gone to Burning Man!!!! Can you say dust on steroids!!! :)rotflmao If the valve covers have to come off be sure to check the drain back holes for gunk but I doubt it with that low mileage.
Chevy (GMC) / Re: Mostly just saying hi
« Last post by AliceKelly on Today at 07:04 PM »
I'm thi king every tube.  Every seal. Every rubber part is dried out and messed up.
Have you checked all of the fuel lines from the pump back to the tank? A crack in a fuel line, common in old rubber lines, can cause the pump to suck air and even though it is working it will not pull gas from the tank.
Chevy (GMC) / Re: Mostly just saying hi
« Last post by AliceKelly on Today at 07:01 PM »
19000 surprisingly.  I saw something saying to try sooper thick oil.   Plus this oil is at least 5 years old.  Possibly a lot more.
Full-Time RV Living / Re: Fulltimers murdered
« Last post by legomybago on Today at 06:14 PM »
This is why we always ALWAYS carry a gun on board.  Always.  And if I'm in a state the reciprocates my permit (which is most of the states we go to) I always ALWAYS carry a concealed gun on my person.


I hear ya Kev....
BamBam, it was a brand new fuel pump and it was working before when Johnny first installed it. He put the grease on it and got it on right.  Then the last time he went to start it, it wasn't pumping.  I'm going to get the new pump and see if that fixes it. Luckily, it isn't an expensive part.

We towed this RV home and haven't even used it yet.  :(    We did drive it around the area before buying it, but that is it.  Towed it home and then pulled the engine to rebuilt it.

I'll let you all know how the new starter works.

Fingers crossed and prayers said. Hoping that does it and then we can move on to the other projects in it.

 At least it would run and be shelter for this trip. The air and heat work. I plugged it in and had a few lights out in the domes.
And also, the 45 amp rating is just for the highest output which is usually only on for a very short time, then it drops down to one of the lower stages. This is something you need to talk to Randy at Best converters about since if you are running AGM batteries they want to be charged at a higher rate for longer than a lead acid battery.

Yep.  The Boondocker series will fast charge at 14.7 volts until the batteries reach around 90% full, then drop down to 13.6 until 100% full...and then drop down to 13.2 as a maintenance/trickle charge.

With our two Trojan T-105 flooded batteries, it will work perfectly for us.

Full-Time RV Living / Re: Fulltimers murdered
« Last post by Rickf1985 on Today at 05:24 PM »
Well, they went straight to Mexico. I am guessing it was something else that got them caught. They probably sold the truck right after crossing the border since that picture is all they have on him. That means they don't have the truck.
Chevy (GMC) / Re: Mostly just saying hi
« Last post by Rickf1985 on Today at 05:20 PM »
You don't have to pull the heads to do the valve seals. You can do it with air pressure and the right tools or you can cheat with clothesline and a cheap valve spring compressor.  How many miles are on this?
Chevy (GMC) / Re: Mostly just saying hi
« Last post by AliceKelly on Today at 02:46 PM »
Ya I watched a couple videos on valve seals.  I've done head gaskets and the seals are easy and cheap but taking all the crap down to get the heads of is a other story.  I'm almost thinking wounder about what the cost would be if I baught complete heads and gaskets and paid someone else to just drop new heads on.  Another suggestion I got was run thicker oil and add oil sealer n hope it's enough to pass.  Admittedly the oil is sooper old now.  At least 5 year old oil. Hadn't gotten to changing it or flushing the tyranny yet.... Should I at least change. Oil before ripping her guts apart?
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