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Dodge / Re: 440-3 Over Heating
« Last post by LJ-TJ on Today at 12:54 PM »
Man I hate it when that happens. Just sent a post and the hole message got wiped out.  $@!#@! So I chickened you and re ordered the skirted Thermostat at 180. My problem was with over heating. I don't no if this is right or not but this is what I got. Valve cover gaskets $31.40. The water pump was $64.85. The Thermostat Gasket $2.39 and the Fan Clutch was $124.98 with a total of $252.69
Chevy (GMC) / Have you ran a Semi Synthetic 10w30?
« Last post by BrandonMc on Today at 11:38 AM »

Searched this forum and the internet for an answer, and am not 100% confident - so I ask you guys:

Have you ran high mileage semi-synthetic in a late 80's carburated 454?
Does the zinc content matter much?
What are your results?

Went ahead and purchased some of the amazon high mileage 10w30 semi synthetic and am planning on changing it for the upcoming season. What I have read is that running a full synthetic is a bad idea in these engines.

Edit: In the interests of providing some more information, I may have solved the question. from another forum bobtheoilguy,

"As stated above, the OEM cams, lifters and valve springs will all live long and happy lives with 800 PPM of ZDDP, once broken in. For you, that happened long ago. Plenty of oil out there with that."

I didn't find the exact test for the 10w30 high mileage sold by amazon, but I did find two analyses of a fully synthetic 0w20 at 812ppm zinc, and a conventional 5w20 with 842ppm zinc. This was on the PQIA website. 

Dodge / Re: 440-3 Over Heating
« Last post by Elandan2 on Today at 08:20 AM »
TJ, make sure you get a "skirted" thermostat. There is lots of info on the site here about the differences in how they perform as opposed to a regular thermostat.
Dodge / Re: 440-3 Over Heating
« Last post by Sasquatch on Today at 07:02 AM »
I also concur.  I run a 195 on mine and I struggle to get it to stay hot enough.
Dodge / Re: 440-3 Over Heating
« Last post by Froggy1936 on Yesterday at 11:22 PM »
I concur I run a 195o thermostate in mine ! 160o is too cold Frank
Dodge / Re: 440-3 Over Heating
« Last post by Rickf1985 on Yesterday at 09:58 PM »
You want to keep the engine in good shape you definitely need to go with a 180 or hotter thermostat. 160 is way, WAY to cold. You will never cook off the condensate in the oil that cool. Remember all the milky stuff under the oil cap on the older cars? That is why. Get the 180 and it will also run better.
Dodge / Re: 440-3 Over Heating
« Last post by LJ-TJ on Yesterday at 07:47 PM »
Thanks Bam
Chevy (GMC) / Re: Trans indicator
« Last post by tmsnyder on Yesterday at 04:27 PM »
You have a 6.2L diesel and a 4L80E transmission.   Personally I wouldn't mess with the 4L80E.   It should last forever behind that low power motor.  I say that with love b/c my everyday driver is a 6.5L suburban with 337,000 miles on it.  Personally I would just do a filter and fluid change and call it a day.  Why ask for trouble?

For parts and advice on that engine I would contact SS Diesel Supply.   They specialize in only the 6.5L and its earlier version, the 6.2L  They know their stuff.  They know the transmission too.
« Last post by Rickf1985 on Yesterday at 03:53 PM »
Interesting, That Tripower still uses the GM ignition module but mounted outside.
Chevy (GMC) / Re: Trans indicator
« Last post by Rickf1985 on Yesterday at 03:40 PM »
I looked up that kit and it is a reprogramming kit. These are generally for cars and high performance vehicles and produce neck snapping shifts. If you do that with an RV you will be breaking things. The regular shift kits are designed to be set up for heavy duty vehicles like RV's and tow vehicles. Once the passages are drilled out on your valve body there is no going back so be sure this is really what you want. If it turns out you do not like it you will be in the market for a new valve body and they are in the 600-800 dollar range over here. And that is with a good core which you will not have so add another 150.00 plus.

This might answer some of your questions.

And here is Trans-Go's home page.
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