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Title: PANHARD BAR Fabrication & Install
Post by: GONMAD on July 21, 2012, 10:40 AM
   Is anyone familiar with the term "WAG THE DOG"? Thats what you get every time a large vehicle goes by you in either direction. This WHIPPING can be very dangerous for even a well experienced driver much less someone with limited knowledge of adversarial conditions driving an RV.
I first started with an Implement top bar for a farm tractor ( I got mine from Tractor Supply for $20.00). After splitting the bar & welding in a 4 to 6" piece of tubing in the middle to lengthen it & painting it was ready to install. An old extra long straight Class 1 drawbar properly notched to lock onto the frame rails, only one hole needed to be drilled into the chassis in the frame crossbrace junction & a stainless 8x 1/2" nut & bolt to fasten it.

On the rear end side, I had a 90 degree pipe bracket clamp ( you can use any 1/4" by 3" angle iron bracket for this as well) I used one bolt & you can use two if you like. Bolt this bracket to the rear "U" bolt threads sticking out below the nut & attach the bar to this after you set the RV on the ground to set the proper length. Tighten everything very tight & enjoy the ride.

 I have provided some pics in the photo section for clarification purposes & if you need any other info I am available for comment. This is a LOW BUCK option to the $500.00 bar they sell at Camping World & it works GREAT!! NO more uncontrollable whipping & recovery. I've made serious upgrades to the front suspension for control & this one is a MUST HAVE for taking the uncertainty out of driving.
I hope this helps in the overall scheme of things.

  As always C YA! GONMAD
Title: Re: PANHARD BAR Fabrication & Install
Post by: DonD on July 21, 2012, 01:14 PM
Good idea and nice execution!;sa=item;id=4514 (;sa=item;id=4514)
Title: Re: PANHARD BAR Fabrication & Install
Post by: vonsmink on February 14, 2018, 09:37 PM