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Title: Product Evaluations and Campground Evaluations
Post by: ClydesdaleKevin on January 22, 2012, 12:13 PM
Just a reminder to all you fine folks about the message boards set up under Member Articles.

I forgot all about them too, but they are an awesome future resource to all of us, and I highly encourage all of you to start making your own posts and evaluations there.

If you have bought and used a product, either a chemical, an appliance, a type of paint, etc....tell us all about it, if its worth the money, pros and cons, etc.

Tell us all about your favorite campground...or a campground that was horrible so we can all avoid it.

This is an invaluable future resource to us all...for buying things or avoiding them, for finding awesome campgrounds or avoiding crummy ones.

Take the time...its worth it to us all.