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Title: Sticky Locks? and door jambs?
Post by: tiinytina on June 27, 2010, 07:10 PM
First - old plumbers trick I learned from my Dad. if the latch on your door (any door house, RV, garage) is sticking, move the door handle so that the latch sticks all the way out and rub the surface of the entire thing with a good ol' #2 pencil.... Also rub the pencil on the door jamb plate that the latch slides over and in to.

Second - is your key sticking or the lock mechanism stiff? cranky? DO NOT USE WD40 or PTBlaster!!!! both these products are "oils" and oils attract dust and grit. Use Lock-Eze (or similar product)...  This is a colloidal product which is carried on ethanol (which evaporates) other are graphite based etc.... which do not attract dust grit etc once applied. This I learned from the ball and chain... I mean wonderful hubby! Pat.