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Title: New Member from Nebraska
Post by: 65fairlane on May 02, 2017, 09:25 AM


I just purchased this beauty after it sat in a backyard for 4 years.  It even comes with an identical donor too (I am not sure what all to get from it yet as the 99% of the interior is water damaged).  In order to get it running I had to replace 3 spark plug wires that were eaten by squirrels.  To get it to stop I had to replace 2 of the rubber brake lines, again eaten by squirrels.  I poured a little gas in the carb, and she fired right up.  I drove her the long 1 hour drive to my place. 


Surprisingly, the only mouse activity I could find was in the dash.  They destroyed the cassette deck and made a huge nest in the heater box.  There is some de-lamination above the front bed and in the shower but that appears to be all for water damage.  Someone thought it would be a good idea to put roofing tar over most of the roof.  That is my second order of business.  The first is in my post on this site under electrical.



I think outside of the carpet and dinette cushions, she is 100% original.  The water, fridge, stove, A/C, and plumbing appear to be in working order.  I need to install 30a service in my shed to really see for sure.  I am having a great time working on this, and just need to get her 100% road ready and 100% leak proof before Memorial Day for her ride up into the Loess Hills of Iowa for a little R&R and ATV'ing.


Title: Re: New Member from Nebraska
Post by: Winnebago Warrior 94 on May 02, 2017, 09:49 AM
Welcome to the group..your little rv is cute ..I like those kind ..the interior  looks to be in great shape ..but you said you had alot of water damage if I read your post right ..I like fixing up rv I find it to be fun interior on my rv was in great shape and it just sprung a leak this past weekend   and messed up my interior   some . Ac gasket started leaking ...I'm bummed about that ..good luck on your build  ..welcome😃
Title: Re: New Member from Nebraska
Post by: Hobbes on May 02, 2017, 09:57 AM
Welcome to the site...that's a nice looking rig!
Title: Re: New Member from Nebraska
Post by: 65fairlane on May 02, 2017, 10:25 AM
Thanks!  Yeah, it is the perfect size.  19ft!  It will sleep 4 though.  There is a bunk above the dinette.

The roof on this one has a lot of what I would call "the wrong way" fixes that led to some leaks.  Thank goodness there was a tarp on it.  It looks like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles had a caulking party up there.  It is globbed on, messy and everywhere.  I also need to remove the tar and really old super thin coating of elastomeric roof paint.  The tar, which was put on when it was parked 4 years ago, looks to be the biggest pain. The only thing I have found to remove it somewhat easily is brake cleaner.  Once I get it cleaned up I am going to hit he the seams with eternabond and give her a new coating of elastomeric paint.  That or a new EPDM rubber roof.  I have yet to search here for the best roof coating options.
Title: Re: New Member from Nebraska
Post by: Oz on May 02, 2017, 08:12 PM
Welcome!  Roof issues are definitely the #1 hot item. 

Many good topics on that.  Here's a very good one:,2431.0.html
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