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Whole Carb body Pogue 125 MPG carb f… Greased and ready to… Everything hooked up… The Enhancer control…
Greased and ready to kick ass!
With the final adjustments made after the air cleaner installed you can now enjoy the fruits of your labors. It took me three years & $1000.00 or more in research (another word for many failed attempts or how NOT to do it) but I can now say I have a dependable container & very reliable system for ANY carburated engine. This CAN be used on FI engines but you need an EFIE or electronic fuel injection enhancer & a PWM or pulse width modulator. Mosfats are needed in some cases & I'm not familiar with that.  The tank was THE MAIN problem & now it can be purchased from anyplace that sells well pump equipment.    See you all later I'M goin fer a ride!!!!

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