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Pogue 125 MPG carb f… Greased and ready to… Everything hooked up… The Enhancer control… The business end of…
Everything hooked up & running SMOOTH!
The heater hooked up on the right with the MAIN feed control at the heater entrance. Once this all is working correctly you can start CLOSING the idle adj. screws & opening the main valve a little at a time until it runs rough then close it up for smooth idle. On a small block you can close the idle screws completely while a big block needs  them open about 1/3 turn from closed. Once you have everything smoothed out you can start opening the enhancer 1/2 to 3/4 turn should be sufficient. This leans it out even more & be careful not to open it too much or the engine will either die or stumble badly. I set the idle to 650 RPM IN gear & let it run at whatever it wants, not more than 800 RPM is what mine idles at in park. You will notice the engine VERY quiet & the exhaust is sweet smelling. The engine will run quieter & cooler as the fuel is burning IN the combustion chamber & NOT in the pipes.  

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